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burning brush in lower rossland

Burning brush in lower Rossland...

     I hate to even post this because i love the freedom of Rossland....but someone is burning brush in lower rossland and it is a trigger for us folks with asthma and allergies. It also smells pretty bad.   I  have had to close my windows and doors and can't enjoy my front porch today.  I appreciate that you need to get rid of brush but would you kindly consider a truck ride out to the dump or elsewhere?  Or maybe do it on a windy day when it doesn't hang in our little stratosphere :)

Cheers , thanks for even considering...and please no angry posts  this is just a quiet ask.  I don't have time today to go around and find out where the fire is.  I totally respect your right to do this, so i am respectfully making you aware of how this might impact others.



I agree.  Best to burn things on windy days.  Forest fires make good skiing.

I wish it was that easy. I would've asked Teck to quit pumping out the nice olive green cloud that hovers over Trail. 


I thought we weren’t allowed to burn yard waste in Rossland.  just small campfire kinda thing.  

Best thing to do is just compost it, if possible.  There are places to take it to.