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Mount Roberts flag raising time??

Does anybody know what time the flag raising is planned for tomorrow?  Thanks.

See article in Rossland news ... leaving at 8 am from the museum

Thanks.  All the info we can find, including that article, says the activity is from 8 to 12.    Car pooler leaving the museum at 8am.  I'm looking for the time of the actual flag raising, as when I've been up there in the past people have missed it, and I've had to race up the last part to make it on time.  Hiking with kids this year I want to make sure we leave early enough to not miss the raising. 

Got this response on facebook:

It's a pretty loosy-goosey kind of hike - flag raising will be when Dimitri gets to the top! I'm assuming that will be around 10-10:30. Trailhead carpooling leaving museum at 8am.