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The Future of Recreation in Rossland

Attn: Fellow Rosslanders (Past & Present)


You may or may not be aware, but the City of Rossland has recently hired a consultant (MODUS) to analyze the recreation wants & needs of residents, specifically to determine the future of the Rossland Arena & Curling Rink as well as poll Rosslanders opinions on regional recreation (TRP).  The timeline for this group to compile results and present a summary of options is August 30th (!!) which gives them approx 57 days to reach residents..during the highest vacation months of the year!


These are HUGE decisions and they involve not just thinking about what's best for today but for the long term future viability of our community. We realize everyone has different perspectives & priorities but would like to share some background info that I feel is important to consider:

Our current arena is over 65 years old and has been the ‘playground’ for generations of skaters, hockey players, figure skaters, curlers, and children taking their first strides. Our arena is invaluable to our community - physically, socially, and economically. 

Due to the age of our building and heightened safety requirements for arenas in BC, there are some important safety upgrades that need to take place before we can re-open for the 2018 / 2019 ice season. 
These upgrades include updated alarms and controls, and ventilation improvements for the safety of occupants. These upgrades are not 'exciting' but sometimes the things that are the MOST important to the health & safety of occupants are the things that you can’t see! Despite it's age the Rossland Arena is highly utilized in winter months and is an important recreation asset.

The Rossland arena and curling rink are used by citizens young and old, with 85% of usage by youth sports groups. Programs hosted in our facility include CanSkate & Figure Skating, Minor Hockey practices, games & tournaments, Men’s, Women’s & Seniors hockey leagues, Youth, Adult and Seniors Curling Leagues, as well as weekly public skating, special event rentals, birthday parties, and two charity hockey tournaments. Without our arena there are 100s of residents, and users within the region, who will be displaced or have to quit the sports that they love. please help keep our arena open!

Ice sport participation is richly intertwined in Rossland history and we would like it to be in our future as well. The Rossland Ladies Ice Hockey team (1900-18) was recently inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in the pioneer category. 


The Rossland Curling Club is home to the Challenge Cup, the oldest continually played for curling trophy in BC, competed for since 1899! The Curling Club has a thriving league of adult, seniors and youth curlers, boasting the largest youth curling program in the West Kootenay region this past year.  In addition both Rossland Summit and Seven Summits School have incorporated curling into their physical education program.  


The Greater Trail Minor Hockey Association (GTMHA) (a past amalgamation of Rossland, Trail & Fruitvale), has worked hard to maintain a thriving hockey program and they rely on the use of Rossland’s ice sheet for up to 25% of their bookings for their program to continue at its current participation levels of over 400 players.  Multiple tournaments are also held at the Rossland Arena each year bringing in families from all over the region who shop at local businesses and eat at local restaurants.


Skating is an integral part of PE programming through Rossland Summit School. Over 400 students from kindergarten to grade 8/9 all go skating at the Rossland Arena at least twice. Some classes go as many at 6 times and RSS would like to book more.


The Rossland Arena is 85% utilized by youth, hosting up to 525 kids per week in skating, hockey, figure skating and leisure activities.     Over 22 weeks, the skating side of the arena has 13,602 users on the ice, which equates to an average of 618 users per week.


Please keep your eyes open for upcoming public input sessions and if you see the value we do in keeping these options in our community, for the benefit of citzens young and old, as well attracting new families to our community, please 'raise your voice' in support.


We are also raising money to help offset the cost of repairs to open for the 2018/2019 season. If you would like to help out we have a bank account at the Nelson & District Credit union (Rossland Arena Society), have a Go Fund Me account at  and can also accept e-transfer donations to

Thank you,

Rossland Arena Society