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Have a tent trailer?

We are looking to rent a tent trailer from July 17th to approx Aug 12th- or at least a solid 2 weeks during that time.

It is for one visiting relative- it will be parked on our land, not driven anywhere.

It will be for sleeping only- no cooking/potty etc.

If you have a clean and decent trailer and would like to make a few bucks please let me know! 



Evening bhump

Hey, we have a 13 foot trailer if that interests you? Ironically it just got back to our driveway after being lent to a friend for an inlaw suite in their driveway! So it works well for that, no leaks or old trailer smell! Let me know if you are interested. Its light, can be towed by subaru or whatever.

That seems perfect- my email is 

Please shoot me a message and we can chat.

Thank you!!