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To the lady that tied her dog up....

..... at Harry LeFevere square and told a child to beware of her dog because it didnt like kids, shame on you for leaving it there for the next kid to come along and possibly get bitten while you were in shopping and even after my wife asked you if your dog was friendly and you said "Yes but she doesnt like childeren and thats fairly normal for dogs".    Seriously??.. That means shes not friendly.


What is keeping the next kid from coming along and getting possibly bitten when you're not there?? Not to mention my wife explained to you there was dog tie up spots all over town. 

On a second not there was another dog tied in the square that growled at my daughters in the same place the city is set a side as a public space...for people.

Good thing I wasnt there. I may make it my mandate to free all dogs tied up downtown in the wrong areas. 



So your mandate is to let loose dogs that you believe to be unfriendly towards children in a place where there can potentially be lots of children...

You need help.



Yes- or causing a dog to become lost and or hurt! That is just sickening.

I agree that we should tie up our pets in the designated areas but if you havent taught your children to never approach an unknown dog perhaps that should be your mandate.

Not all animals like children; many animals behave poorly in this heat too. 

Blah blah blah blah. The poor dogs again.

I do need help.

Whats the difference most of the dogs run free anyways. 

So should I have to avoid public places meant for people because of irresposible dog owners? So lets tie them up in the direct sunlight in LeFever Square. 

..........Maybe it would just be easier to leash all the kids.... 

God damn this city.

Well im off to dump my garbage at the free garbage bin thats now at the museum.



This same thing happened to me! With probably the same lady! Only her dog was tied up at the grind  My toddler and I walked out to go sit at the bench right outside (where the dog was tied up) and the lady came out saying “don’t let your child close to my dog! He/she doesn’t like children!”... wtf is your dog doing tied up downtown where there’s so many children then?!

So your wife talked to her but you still feel the need to bring it up for everyone town to know about?? I do not get that.

There are two sides to this like there are everything else.Tie your dog up where it is supposed to be tied up and don't let your kids go up to strange dogs. Done.

Buuut..This town's need to publically shame each other on social media is ridiuculous It's low, it's mean, it's embarassing for the town and makes us collectively look like bullies and snobs. Stop it. If someone is bothering you, have a conversation and tell them why it bothers you. You will get a whole lot further having a civilized conversation and explaining your issue than giving a passive aggressive, bitchy shout out on bhubble or Facebook after the fact. Not everyone needs to know everything.

Let's grow up Rossland. Be nice to each other and deal with your crap privately. 




Social media is causing lots of problems. Personally I'm done with all of it. 

My wife talk to her JAY30 and she did NOTHING but contnue on in to the store. 

So yes public shaming it is.

Remember every comment YOU make will perpetuate this conversation. I only made a statement and wasnt looking for feed back. You could have just shut your mouth, give me my rant and this post would have died right then and there. So join in everybody and keep the ball rolling.

If people comment I will comment back. 


You of course were looking for feedback. Every rant on here is looking for feedback. 

Public shaming is dumb. Why not just let her be the crappier person when she continued on in the store and didn't acknowledge it? This makes you the crappier person and if she's reading this, I can assure you she cares a lot less about the situation now than she did before. 

I never comment on these stupid posts. Yours just happened to be the lucky one where I just had enough and needed to finally say something. Its just how I feel about it. I think its mean. I sympathize with how you feel about how she handled it. It's unfortunate, but I don't agree with being a jerk back on social media. Do it in person. This is the kind of stuff we teach our kids. Be nice. Most situations turn out just fine when everybody is nice. If not, let them be a crappy person. A rant isn't going to change how she feels if a nice, grown up conversation didn't.

Just saying.


Nope no feedback was required just venting. Im sorry you thought the need to respond and perpetuate this conversation only prolonging it and making it worse.

Jay it is mean and Im mean when people put their dogs above everybody else. I will not let people just be crappy people. Thats why this city is in this mess. NO ACCOUNTABILITY. I am an A-hole and I know it. So comments about how mean or what a terrible person I am will not hurt my one and only feeling.

I'm also accountable for my kids, my pets and my actions. If I back into your car you will get a note from me, If my dog bit you I will put it down myself, My grass is always mowed and my garbage goes out with a lid on it at the appropraite time and sometimes I throw garbage into the bin at the museum and dont pay. I also let my truck idle when its too hot or cold so Im not uncomfortable getting into it. I recycle sometimes and I avoid organic fruits and vegetables. I think Justin Trudeau is an idiot but I also think Trump is too.  I love some of the ititiatives this council and Mayor have started first and foremost the BY-law officer. 

One more thing I will never do 20km/h an hour on Mcleod street because its rediculous when the schools zones are 30Km/h.






*applause*   testify! 


One contribution to the dog discussion. I like the designated dog tie ups. A reason I can't always use them is that my dog is very submissive and squirmy when she meets other dogs. With the hooks so close together at the dog parkings (awesome name!) I can't tie her up there because the leashes get tangled and the dogs may end up in a fight because they are confused. I can only use the dog tie ups if there are no other dogs there and I don't anticipate anyone tying up their dog anytime soon. thats constructive. That would be something very positive to pass on to council. So we need more spots farther a apart. Like single dog tie ups in more spots. 


Constructive would be leaving the animal at home for an hour so the rest of us don't need to shell out even more tax money for something we already have and is underutilized.    When did it become manditory for people to bring their animals absolutely everywhere they go anyway?   

There will be a golden retriever/black lab cross in the mayors office by 2026, mark my words.   The secretary of the treasurey will be a huskey with no tolerance for small talk and a dry sense of humor.  



Taking your dog out for a walk and socializing is great for both parties and to be honest, if a dog was mayor of this town it coudlnt do a worse job...... Just saying


One suggestion for the dog tie up stations would be to have a shade over them so the dogs don't get heat problems in the hot sun!

"One suggestion for the dog tie up stations would be to have a shade over them so the dogs don't get heat problems in the hot sun!" 

You want to install sunshades over the tie up stations?  If you and the other animal owners want to pay for them and install them, and maintain them, I say go for it.     You're also going to do something with them in the winter and store them somewhere, unless you want them destroyed by snow load.  I see permanent 'dog shade' structures being pricey.     

Or the animal could be left at home for an hour while one sits & sips.  Plan a private residence/open space play date where they can sniff each others private parts and socialize until the brink of dawn. 




We share city expenses for items I dont personally use such as the skate park, bike skills parks and the arena, all paid with mine and every one elses taxes. So if i can subsidies parts i dont use then why can i not expect shades to help animals that are tied up? Look at the dog tie up at the rear of Feraro's, it's in full sun all day and has large trucks passing by all the time making deliveries....

Or maybe each and every tax paying resident of Rossland can opt to pay for what they use with the taxes? Hmm don't think that will work!

And if you have agressive dogs that don't like kids , dogs or generally people, buy a muzzle and be fair on every one.

The skate park, bike skills park, and arena, library, swimming pool, school, ect,  all have 1 thing in common... they are for human beings.  


A dog park would be nice.

Thumbs up for the Dog Park!

Very true, all for humans..... As a tax payer of Rossland and not Trail we have a right to ask for enhancments to the city. If people have objections then as residnets of Rossland they all have a chance to put them forward to city council at the planning meetings.


I'm guessing you have the same Democratic system in Trail LoveRosslandHome?

What a terrible attitude towards dog owners, LoveRosslandHome. Dog owners pay taxes for all those 'human being only' places that they may never or rarely use. Dogs have very obviously been part of the Rossland community for a very long time, yet there are a lot of dog-haters here in Rossland. Most of the dogs are lovely and friendly and only a minority have problems. Why all this anti-dog attitude?! No doubt all the dog haters of Rossland will start commenting now.

Post needs to get back on topic I think.

Agressive dogs need to be controlled. We have a dog and he's not nasty,if anyhing he's a bit to friendly! But we do have problems with a few dogs that are nasty and the owners either do not realize or simply do not care!

I'm not anti dog, and I think a dog park is a great idea.  I live in Rossland, not Trail. 

 The issue isn't well behaved dogs, that's not even what we are talking about here.   We are talking about owners who knowly bring their aggressive/sensative dogs into town, tie them up, and expect everyone else to know what their 'alergy of the day'. Be it other dogs, sunlight, or children.    The muzzle idea is fantastic.  The park is a great idea as well, but sometimes, maybe leaving the dog at home is a great idea too. 


Hey tucs2........... the garbage bin at the museum, it is $4 a bag. It's not free.



Its okay cause he’s asshole and he knows it. This way he just gets to be an asshole in a variety of ways all around town but lose his mind when he thinks someone else is being one. Guys it’s cool.

My actions wont get any person hurt thats the difference.  I realize the garbage bin at the museum is a suggested 4 dollar minimum.


PS. I also put bacon grease on all the stray dog crap in my yard. That way all the stray dogs clean up after themselves the following day.

....and we have a winner


I also vote for a dogpark!! 

$4 a bag? good god