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Our cat Vince does not like living in the RDKB...he loves and misses our old home on Columbia & Georgia. We have retrieved him a few times now...but he keeps making the 7km trek to the old neighbourhood. Currently he is off the radar.

We rescued Vince 3 years ago from the SPCA- he had never lived in a home, he was approx 5 yrs old. He became a loving, affectionate guy but holding him indoors is not an option.

If you have a Vince sighting pls advise. If you are in a position to adopt  a free spirit and you live in that neighbourhood please advise. We can't sleep for the worrying.

Thanks- Gwen and D'Arcy



I saw a black cat early this morning Columbia and St Paul directly across from Mook Thai.

Thanks for the post! We saw him yesterday too...that guy has a white mark on his chest. Vince is all black and has hair missing (due to tree sap) on his right ear.


Where are you Vince?


Have you found him yet? 

No- still hoping.


We are keeping an eye open for any signs around the old hospital area (Kootenay/LeRoi/Georgia/Columbia). Fingers crossed for you.

Also, don't forget the 'Rossland Talks' group on Facebook – a lot of people post about lost dogs and cats on there.

Thank you! We dont have facebook but a few friends are keeping tabs. We appreciate your help very much. 

I'm on Georgia (2 down from your old place) and I had a lovely visit from a very large, black fluffy cat, but to me this guy looked a lot bigger and fluffier than Vince...also there was a bit of brown near the behind. This was around 3pm today.

Thats him!!!


Does he have a collar on, or no? I had a lovely collarless black kitty that I gave some head scratches to in my yard on Friday around 4:30pm. He left after my dog tried to say hello. I live near the corner of Georgia and First. Hope he turns up!

Thanks- he does not have a collar. He is very handsome and has 2 marks on his ear from tree sap. Glad to hear he is to catch him!

If I see him again I'll try to bring him in the house and get in touch with you guys! do you have a phone number I could reach you at?

I just saw him catch a squirrel by my back shed! I am heading out, so am not able to go find him, but he seems to like to hang out in the tall grass in the empty lot on the corner of Georgia and First.



We are just taking our kids to Slocan so cell will be patchy.



Hi Gwen/D'Arcy, Vince came back to our place this afternoon so we brought him inside and gave him some food/water. We will keep him inside with us, I sent you an email. Cheers, Jacqui and Jeff (new owners of Vince's old home).