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For rent

For rent. 80sq ft cave. Grubs and bugs available close by for your dining pleasure. No wifi, no utilities. $1400/month.

Seriously though, Rossland NEEDS affordable housing. 


Why don’t you do it then.  Design a business plan.  Get some investors.  Talk with engineers.  Deal with city.  stop complaining and do something about it if you care that much.  

Very interested....does this come with snow removal and parking?  What part of town?

Does it come With one of those mayor endorsed bear proof electrified cages?

Stevefrench, unfortunately nothing can be done. Those days are gone. We now live in a different world. The almighty dollar sign is king, always has been but now it's just totally blown out of proportion. Trying to find humor is the only thing I can do. 

Are pets and children allowed? And its eco friendly! 

There’s hope within the contradictions of capitalism because when you understand a contradiction, you can lean on one side of it rather than the other. Use-value versus exchange-value is a good example. When a simple market in housing turns into a form of saving and a form of speculation, you’ve created an exchange-value system that’s completely incapable of delivering affordable housing to low-income populations. At that point, we have to find some other way.

It could involve incremental solutions, such as using community land trusts and equity co-ops to gradually withdraw housing from the market, declaring that it’s a human right not a market commodity and trying to increase access to that human right. It’s a geopolitical issue. Could we create whole neighbourhoods that are stable and out of the market, where people can continue to live at a reasonable cost? I think that the answer is yes. It isn’t an impossible dream.

(by Prof. David Harvey)


Fortunately this is one of the cheapest areas of bc. if you want into the housing market, save 5 grand and buy a place in Trail before it is too expensive. if anything rent it out to put towards your rent in Rossland 

Start by asking City Council about what's going on with the CBT grant for housing affordability, and the study being undertaken for a new Emcom yard development proposal.

The latest direction taken seems to point towards developing affordable worker accomodation - as mentioned several times in official documents and the media in the past two or three months. No mention that I could find about affordable family accomodation being considered.

Make this an election issue at the October 20 municipal elections - ask the candidates where they stand and why.

Only gonna get worse and? The taxpayers of Rossland are supposed to build and manage housing? Vancouver a city that collects tens of millions in taxes daily can’t even properly finance housing initiatives .Trails Cheap might get lead brain though...


How about the ski hills builds some staff housing, they arent paying property taxes so put that money back into the community with housing. Everyother ski town in the world has some sort of staff housing expect Rossland. Surely there must be a grant they can find and with the property tax money it can fund it.