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Grizzlies on Richie Road

Just and FYI. We had some visitors at our house this morning. Beautiful and terrifying!!


And thats why I love Rossland. Co-existing with nature. :) Beautiful pic!!

Such a great photo! :-)

Ran into two  legit grizlies this morning at 7:00 near the Centenial trailhead. I'm guessing it was the same family. Just a heads up. They did not show any signs of aggression and turned back the way they were coming from the moment they saw me and so did I.

The way to keep this lovely family safe is for humans to only go out and about on the trails in groups of three or more. In general a griz will not attack a group of three. Make noise so you don't surprise her and be sure not to come between her and her cubs. Please do this to not only keep yourself safe but to keep this lovely mother free from the ramifications of acting like a bear.

I agree esther, and keep your dogs from going after the bears, especially a Grizzly. Seen it too many times with dogs chasing the black bear cubs, momma does what any parent would do, try and protect, and then the chaos begins, and unfortunately the bears pay the price. The bears don't want conflict, they just want to eat and get stuffed for Winter, people usually always end up being the problem.

Seen these guys crossing to the river by Oasis

Bear bells... After riding  into a Bear  in Jasper I quickly learned Value of Bear Bells.