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bear cub remains

I found some bear cub remains this morning on the spur road that leads to a gated section of FSR, the one that snakes its way up towards the Grey/Kirkup interface. Unsure whether the cub had been shot or whether it was a grizz or black bear, predated on by a male bear, cougar, coyotes or what... perhaps Emcon had removed it from the roadside (if it had been hit?) and relocated it there? The location kind of made me think there had been some sort of human interaction as it appeared to be dumped at an easy access site. Also, the skull wasn't intact which made me think a vehicular accident?  At any rate, hoping it hadn't been shot by anybody as it couldn't have been much more than a yearling... If anyone knows whether its Emcon's practice to relocate roadkill to secondary roads, that might provide an answer as to its fate, too.

I have removed the bulk of remains and transferred them to the regional landfill should RAPP want to inspect them, and have not posted any photos here in order to not upset anyone. Hoping it was just nature running its course, but I'm somewhat skeptical of that (also removed the remains so that no one's dog gets into it) 

If anyone has any insights into what happened to the cub they are welcome to post here or to email me. thanks


I came across it when it had just died, it was a black bear.  There was a lot of birds that had been eating it...I thought it had maybe been hit by a car and walked up and died.