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When does everybody put their winter tires on?

A few hours after getting a ticket for not having winter tires on after Oct 1st.

..and I've found that minute brake and mufler in Trail, has the best price for a tire swapover (if you don't have another set of rims)

You mean you're supposed to take them off?? ahahaha. Kidding. :)

all very helpful. Thnak you smart asses.

October 1st is the official date you’re supposed to have your winter tires on. A lot of people wait and rush until after the first snow fall but then it’s hard to get an appointment. We usually take bets in Rossland whether or not we have snow for i Usually try to get them on the first two weeks of October.

Also remember that M +S tyres (most all seasons are these) are classed as winter tyres as long as they have 3.5mm tread..(same depth is required on snowflake stamped tyres)

But the above are absolutely no substitute for snowflake rated tyres in our area



Mid Sept.   Be prepared.   It's snowing right now.



Please don't be like the guy/gal in the photo above.  Photo snapped in the red mountain parking lot.   a local truck that I saw a lot.   He/she drove all winter with those tires on.   VERY UNCOOL.   Just because 4x4 mode gets you moving, doesn't mean it helps you stop or turn.   If you are to broke to get at least some sort of tire with tread, don't drive please.   Used ones are available for roughly 200-300$, if you can't afford that, don't drive.    Also, whomever that is, needs a wheel alignment badly, fix you're sh*tbox whomever you are.