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Hallowe’en bad Karma: All the treats and the bowl they were in Stolen.

To the group or person who stole all the treats and Even The Bowl they were in! How could you be so Cruel?  I leave out treats for the young children in my neighborhood (lower Rossland Cook Ave) while I go out and enjoy a fun time with my Grandsons. You took everything... Karma is a Bitch and it will catch up with you. This is supposed to be a night for children and I’m pretty sure that does not discribe you.  At the very least can you please return my metal mixing bowl? (a favorite of mine)  If anyone knows of its whereabouts I would appreciate having it back. You have ruined Halloween for me. Shame on you!

Someone posted in Rossland Talks "There are three stainless kitchen bowls on the ground on the corner of cook and Spokane."

I saw the video posted on FB last night. I'm guessing the logo on the back of that kid's jacket is identifiable to anyone who knows him, his parents included. 


Just went to check cook and Spokane for The bowls and they aren’t there either. If anyone knows where they are it would be awesome if you could let me know! Thanks 

The bowls were found by my daughter in law this mornin. Send me an email and I will give you her number.


I found her post thanks all!!