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Bear Proof Trash Cans

Newbie to the area and living amongst bears. I do not have a garage door so my trash has to stay outside. I bought what I thought was a bear-proof trash can at Canadian Tire - the kind with the handles that fold up and then a bungee cord across the top. Well, the bears opened it up somehow. 

Any suggestions on "real" bear-proof garbage cans?

Keep garbage inside until garbage day is the only way to really handle the bear situation or electric fence around if it has to be outside

This is a system that that Zaps and the mayor were promoting recently:


Keeping your garbage outside in a wide open garage will attract bears regardless of the container it is in. Please keep it inside until garbage day, as our city bylaw states. Bear attractants  equals a dead bear in this town :( 

It's weird moving from another place and getting used to keeping garbage inside your home. I keep ours in a tight bin in the basement and keep the basement relatively clean and clear for pest and odour control. It gets easier once you wrap your head around the idea! Welcome to Rossland! 

Very cool post. Instead of panicking and getting mad at bears just because they're being bears, it's nice to see someone just asking good questions. :)