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Did you know? City to build WORKFORCE housing at the Emcom lot.

The City seems to have finally decided - without an opportunity for the populace to engage on this topic- that the Emcom yard lot shall be used mostly for workforce housing.

It seems that Rossland will not directly cater to families with school aged kids seeking affordable housing but, instead, will be catering to local businesses, making it easier for them to house their workers in town.

Below, an excerpt from the new "Rossland Council Connects" leaflet, issued monthly by the City.

"In conjunction with our partner, the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society we are moving forward with the Midtown Transition Project (AKA the Emcon lot) with the help of our project management consultant, City Spaces. We will soon award the design contract. Several fine firms submitted solid proposals based on their experience with WORKFORCE HOUSING and their ability to envision a structure that will fit into our alpine community."

Do you feel that these businesses should provide the housing for their workforce themselves? or do you feel the City should be doing so?

Alas, the regular council meeting just happened 2 days ago, on the 26th.... The next regular council meeting will be on December 10th, 6.00p, at the Miners Union Hall 1765 Columbia Ave.

Be informed, be there, and be heard!!

You have no idea what you're arguing.

"Workforce housing is generally understood to mean affordable housing for households with earned income that is insufficient to secure quality housing in reasonable proximity to the workplace." - https//


It's affordable housing for residents that are employed but unable to secure affordable housing.


tldr: It is intended for families working here that cannot secure an affordable home.

So this is just a matter of semantics? From the same wikipedia page:

"Workforce housing is commonly targeted at "essential workers" in a community i.e. police officers, firemen, teachers, nurses, medical personnel. Some communities define "essential" more broadly to include service workers, as in the case of resort communities where one finds high real estate costs and a high number of low-paying service jobs essential to the local economy."

My argument is that, in my opinion, this will be geared to service workers who won't be necessarily part of a family unit. And my question is who should pay for this.

When we are allowed I'll be curious to check the design and see what kind of units will be built, ie: how many will have a family-appropriate footprint.

Matt, I honestly hope that you are correct and I'm just bitching because it is rainy.


As a business owner in this town, I was unable to grow my business and maximize my services to this community. 2 years ago, one staff member (a born and raised local) couldn't find reasonable and affordable housing.. I couldn't recruit more staff due to the lack of affordable housing and lack of housing in general. Am I supposed to fund the build for the people who swing your chair, serve your coffee, bag your groceries, cut your hair, serve your restaurant food??  Our town is also growing with families AND childless couples who have cashed out of the coast and have jobs and healthy income. These people are buying up the fixers or building, because they can... Yes the cost of housing has risen in the last 6 years I have been here and it may not ever be affordable to young and low income families. And not all households are family oriented. 

I'm sure if you simply ask the city they will answer your questions and tell you all about the design. 

I assume that the low-income families that the OP referred to were those locals who might be employed by local smaller business paying lower wages, and who need affordable housing. I don't think he is arguing against those small local businesses.

I have the impression that 'workforce' housing could refer to housing that would benefit the larger businesses employing larger numbers of low-paid seasonal workers, for whom they do not provide housing. I think that is the crux of the issue?


Hello all- Just to hopefully add some clarification: Work force housing in this context means people who work in Rossland. It doesn't matter who they work for. They just have to be below a certain income level. Small business or large business isn't relevant. Council has heard for years from many local business owners that their employees cannot find reasonably priced housing. It is intended to help meet that need. This project has been discussed for the last several years.  The project will be located on the old Emcon lot and will consist of one building with permanent rental units on the upper floors. It will have 24 or 36 units. The design has not been created yet. It will only go forward provided it meets the guidelines from BC Housing and CBT as they will be the funders. The City is providing the site but not the capital to build the housing. It will be run by the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society who will insure that the residents selected work in Rossland and meet certain income limitations. The units will be 1,2 or 3 bedrooms so they could be for singles, couples or small families. It's not funded by our taxpayers. However, at this point, the first floor will be the responsibilty of the City. We anticipate it will be commercial office space or maybe a new City Hall. (It will not be retail, as we want to maintain the core business section of town, downtown.) I hope that settles some concerns.  I think this is going to be a wonderful project for Rossland and I hope you will see the merits of it too. I don't often come onto Bhubble, mostly because I prefer to know who I am speaking with, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me: or ask on my Mayor Kathy Moore fb page. Thanks.

I call BS. I have a long standing relationship with many of the people currently within city hall. I have information on good authority that the housing being put in place is just another one of councils dirty tricks.

I have been told that this "workforce housing" IS going to be 6- 4000 square foot condos and one 6000 square foot condo that will be built with tax money for the use of each individual council member and mayor. The biggest place is Kathy's apparently. Go figure. It will be a gated community area equipped with full time security and a "Border wall". Thats what is shown on the blue prints I saw. The skateboard park was just another big scam to get taxpayer money and donations, How awful these people are, to build what will now be a personal swimming area for our city staff. this could just be a rumor but each staff member is going to have a horse of a different color to travel around Rosslands new name "Emerald City" and meet with The Wizard who is actually Darren Albo but who is also the cowardly lion who is also Aunty Em who is also a winged monkey. 



Why are my taxes building houses? 

Thanks tucs2 for blowing up the Conspiracy theory with some humour. Unfortunatley many fear progress and are ok with helping one section of Society but not another=Discrimination? If Rossland is actually going to become a Four Season Economy any affordable housing will be beneficial. Workers pay taxes and pay rent and as far as tax Money going to build Housing? Been happening in Canada fir past Hundred Years! Wake up  NIMBYS and Progress Haters 1950’s done!

Kathy Moore says:

'However, at this point, the first floor will be the responsibilty of the City.'

With all due respect, we could use some clarification here. As it stands the statement is near meaningless. Firstly 'at this point'. Does this mean the City has made an agreement provisionally, contractually or just informally? And when does 'this point' end?

And what form does this responsibility take? Are we talking ownership, a lease, or rental, or are we talking 'responsible' in the form of assumed liability, and if so, for what?

Finally, since the City has evidently no clear idea why we want this space, why assume responsibility at all?

('Maybe a new City Hall'? This begs a lot of questions about the 'Old' City Hall and the temporary City offices. Three City Halls may be a bit many for a small town.)

Affordable Housing for Columbia Basin Residents


Once again there is frustration, confusion, misdirection and more propaganda. New temporary catch phrases like “ Workforce Housing”. A similar economic term is “Sustainable Development”. The construction cost is only one quarter of the life cycle costs. Who pays the remaining 75%?

Cities were originally created by the private entrepreneurs (employers backed by debt from the illuminated) in order to attract more labour (employees) in order to increase production to generate more private profit. The employers transform into corporations in order to increase control and to also transfer responsibilities onto others.

As costs grow exponentially, as the system is designed, the corporations don't support housing and infrastructure for the employees because there is no profit. Accountability was pushed onto the Bank of Canada in the 50s and 60s. Since the sovereign bank was given away in the 70s by the cultist Trudeau, responsibility has been dropped off at everyone's doorstep, figuratively. So much for a functioning democracy. No wonder voter turned is declining.

Demographics, automation and inequality have the potential to dramatically reshape our world in the 2020s and beyond. These forces are in motion and set to collide very hard with debt.

Until the rules of the game combined with knowing what game is getting played is clear, the serfs will never compete. Have you wondered why all the clear evidence of cultist behaviour is never explained. Why politicians are swearing an oath to the bible. Why the flag is in the court room. Why all the masonic symbols in the coat of arms. Why Canada and BC are separate corporations registered in Washington DC. There are different rules, or laws, for different folks, merchant law, common law and yes, spiritual law. Everything is a contract. The CBT is governed by the Columbia Basin Trust Act, a BC law. This fine print on housing contract might be an interesting read.

Its all a game at you aren't in it. Reality is only a personal perspective. We need to understand there is more than one perspective. Are you going up the stairs or down, that depends how you choose to view reality. Far too many people have been bent over so long they still think they are standing.

In order to stand up, we must differentiate needs from wants and to end the repeating of censored and misinformation. Firstly, social engineering was done by religion. Now we are virtually jailed by social surveillance, technocracy and smart growth. The new era fundamentals of providing bread and circus for the public. Just as designed in Agenda 21 of the UN conference in 1992.

A set of rules that can be quickly changed is to start worker self-directed enterprises. Would using technology to eliminate skilled labour and reduce the workforce be an objective? Might sound nice to the present board of directors or share holders in the short term. Bringing democracy into the workplace will allow the public to finally stand up. A place where most of our adult lives are spent.


Ok, so here goes: Pronto- The City has not yet finalized plans for the 1st floor. That is why I could not provide more clarity. It is not that we haven't determined good uses for the space. I gave some options that will be considered. Don't fret, we will just have one City Hall. I agree with you 100% - three city halls for a town of 3,729 people would be excessive. lol. We do however, need one and where it is to be located will be determined in 2019. I said the 1st floor is the responsibility of the city at "this point" because our options are open. We have made no agreements with anyone but we could (an open option). We could sell that part of the project to be developed by someone else. We could build it ourselves, and then sell it or lease it or use it ourselves. We could get costs covered by grants, there are a number of options. "At this point", which is another way of saying "right now", we don't know. "At this point" will end when those decisions have been made. There are a lot of factors to be considered. We don't yet even know our final settlement from insurance for the damage to the old city hall. Because the old one is damaged, we moved to the new one (rent is being covered by insurance). It is not a permanent location because it isn't suitable for the long term.

Rob34- Yes, BC Housing is a provincial entity that is funded by tax dollars. CBT is a crown corporation that is not funded by tax dollars and your local Rossland property taxes are not being used for housing.

Tucs2- Dang, You caught us super-evil-doers in action, you clever dog! But you forgot to mention that my 6k sq ft penthouse suite also comes with my personal heli-pad on the roof for my pink helicopter and a private gondola to take me, and only me, to the top of Red Mtn at my whim. AND a full time butler, chef and maid. Please, please, please, get your facts right! 

Will staff have access to this private Gondola to the top of Red? If so, I would like to apply for the butler position. Thank you. 

Taxes dollars have been building houses for over a Century. Here’s some FACTS. The average cost to taxpayers that a homeless Human Being will cost us in Canada? 90,000 per Year when you factor in average Hospital visits overnite stays,Judicial Costs etc... You who always whine about Tax money going to Deadbeats? Addicts? Single moms? Etc? Are you aware? That it’s actua Cheaoer to house Humans than leave them on Streeto? Not to mention it builds healthier Communities by showing we have Comppassion and empathy for our fellow Sisters and Brothers no matter thier situation. Here’s another one for you Naysayers. Probably think? Send them to the Salvation Army or the many other Charitable organizations that provide nightly Mat programs for the Honeless. Are the same narrow minded types aware? That those Churches and Organzitions receive 80 dollars per person per night? That’s right those place cost us Money! 2400 per Women and Man and Child. As someone who spent a decade Homeless due to undiagnosed and untreated PTSD caused by witnessing one of my infant children being Sexually assaultedI can say this with all Certaintity because I am a Front Line Survivours and without the Roof over my head that BC Housing provided me in 2010 and the year of  PTSD survivor therapy that I received at VGH in Vancouver in 2011? I’d still be catching Pneumonia ever And spending 2 weeks in the hospital I’d still be sleeping at Church mat programs costing taxpayers 2400 a month,still be an active Criminal to support my Opioid addiction... My point? And it’s one not based on who I vote for or on hate, those who Bitch about Costs to Society? It’s actually been researched and it’s far Cheaper to House someone than to leave them out with the Wolves. PS ever slept in a loading bay in Minus 20 weather and woke up frozen to the Ground? Believe me it ain’t Fun. one other thing since a Advocate reached out in 2010 and provided me with a way to get a roof over my head,which is the most crucial thing a person needs especially to get thier life in order,Ive reconnected with my Children volunteered with organizations that help homeless,Worked and payed taxes, had Zero Hospital visits related to being homeless and Most importantly Finally been able to Speak about walking in on my 2 day old daughter being Molested and am no longer haunted by that and no longer bury that pain by self medicating with street drugs. Thank you to thise Who actually have Compassion and or don’t understand Homelessness and addiction but are willing to listen to researchers and in some cases even Front Line Survivours of the War on Drugs such as myself.

 Its really too bad that housing is being built on the Emcon lot at all. Rossland has not had a "gathering place" ever since the Esling Park Lodge was built. This area would be a great spot for the farmers market,  outdoor rink, covered stage, tennis courts,( sell the lots where the courts are now for them for the housing complex) and the already existing skate park. The Emcon lot could be a place that everyone in Rossland could use and a central place for all outdoor events.