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New Montreal-Style Bagel Business in Rossland - Market Research Survey

Hi there Trail Friends!

My name is Arièle Pieters. I grew up on the Island of Montreal and was raised by two east coast ski patroller parents,  who shared with me their love for skiing, culture and of course, food. I have made my way to Rossland, where I feel quite at home  with a community that shares my passions. My training and background education is in Environmental Engineering, tree planting and travel, but my entrepreneurial spirit has led me to start up my own Montreal Bagel Business here in Rossland, to bring a taste of home to my fellow foodies and bagel-nostalgic east coast friends. I am now conducting research to determine the interest and level of support in our area, as well as assess customer needs and market demand.

All feedback, comments and questions are appreciated!

Town: Trail, BC