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Aggressive shepherds

The black shepherds that attacked the dog at the golf course about a month ago, with the owner who did not check in with the attacked dogs owner, has been walking these dogs in Paterson in King George Park. They recently attacked my moms dog, unprovoked, he was lucky to get away with minor injuries. This area is frequented by off leash dogs, and walking these aggressive dogs in this area is irresponsible and dangerous. Please be aware and cautious with your pets, and if you are the owner of these shepherds please have some consideration for other people and dogs and be more responsible. These dogs should be walked on leash under control, or in areas where you will absolutely not run into other dogs. 

I find it quite distressing that this continues to happen; whoever this woman is, she needs to be more responsible.  I walk with poles for this precise reason; and hope that I never have to use them on the poor dogs who are not being cared for properly. She should be treated like a bad driver that needs to be outed and taken off the road.

Apparently, if you have had an encounter with this woman and her dogs you need to contact the SPCA as they have a file related to them, and they can deal with the situation. Just trying to avoid unnecessary conflicts and keep all critters safe!

Our dog was attacked by these shepherds.  Our Vet bill was $659.     If your dog has been attacked please phone the SPCA. They have started an investigation and need more.  Also go to City Hall in Rossland and file a complaint  We have pictures of her, her vehicle, license plate number and dogs.  We have also contacted the RCMP.   PLEASE REPORT ANY ATTACKS even if little or no injuries.   This woman has to be responsible and walk these dogs leached with muzzled.  I know the City has a call into her only she has not responded as yet.  We do not blame these dogs and do not want anything to happen to them.  We do Blame their owner!

Perhaps posting photos of the car and license plate would help others (myself included) to be able to avoid walking when she is in the area?

Do these people live in rossland?

what type and colour of vehicle? I walk my dogs all

over Rossland’s white acres and would

also like to avoid these shepherds if I see her vehicle somewhere .

I have walked many times with these dogs and NEVER had an incident. They are super nice and playful. 

Don’t believe everything you read. 

ida, a black Jeep with a roof rack, and yes, please take caution until this sorted. there have been too many incidents not to take notice, all anyone wants is to make sure that their pets are safe.

Hey, I’ve got a black Jeep with a roof rack. Let’s not tar everyone with the same brush!

We do not know this woman and we really don’t want to know her.  We have information on her and we have provided all of it to the SPCA, the RCMP, and the City of Rossland.   We will not publicly shame her.  We have been told of 2 other attacks by these dogs since January,2019, and our dog makes three.   From what we have been told the injuries from the other two attacks did not require a Veterinarian.   All we want is for her to take responsibility.   

I have a dog that can be aggressive and I do everything I can to make sure other dogs are safe but he also gets his exercise. This includes walking him on a leash when necessary, using a muzzle at times, walking very early or very late in the day, and driving really far from town if I am going to let him be free. To leighasunshine any of my friends that walk with me and my dog could say the same thing....that he (my dog) is super nice and playful because he is to dogs he knows and likes. But if he meets one he doesn’t like then he attacks!!! That’s why I try to be as responsible as I can and this lady needs to do the same thing!! Muzzle and/or leash her dogs!! And she needs to pay for the vet bills that her dogs caused. 

Excellent response yotrace. Dog owners are 100% responsible for anything their dogs do....good or bad.

I'm just going to share something with all of you - 4 years ago I was walking my dogs on the gasline and a woman with two husky crosses came walking in the other direction. One dog was muzzled due to past aggression and the other was not. The one without the muzzle killed my 12 pound dog. Anyone who knows me knows how much my dogs mean to me, but also my love for all dogs. The woman expressed deep remorse and because she muzzled her one dog, I believed her that the other had never done anything like that. I know from experience that dogs can get each other going though. 

I did not report it to the SPCA because I did not want her dog to be put down and just double the tragedy. I found out a few months later that her dogs attacked and killed a baby moose and instantly regretted not reporting her at the time. I am sure this woman had countless aggression-free encounters with others on the trail before her dog killed mine, and between my dog's death and the mauling of the baby moose. I just don't understand - if my dogs hurt another dog, let alone killed another dog, I would do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure it never happened again. At the very least to ensure my dog would never be put down. 


Leighsunshine - it doesn't matter how nice you think these dogs are. Obviously they've attacked other dogs to point of vet bills, and if you care about them and don't want to see them destroyed, tell your friend to get a handle on things.