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Old Glory

Hi! We are thinking about Hiking Old Glory this coming weekend and just wondering if anyone has been up lately and can shed some light on accessibility and avalanche risk?? Thanks!

Only predicted to mid-week, and I'm no expert, but the high or considerable risk will likely persist into the weekend. You would need to travel through avalanche terrain to hike to the summit. (I presume you mean snowshoeing?)

Regardless, given the Avalanch forecast and the terrain in that area, the general concensus would be stay away. Traveling anywhere in the mountains right now should be given very considerable thought and stay to low angle, 'safe' terrain.


Ok noted! Thanks for your help

I don’t mean to jump on you, but the mere fact that you are asking this on a social media site indicates you are completely unfamiliar with proper assessment of risk in the backcountry. I would urge you to stay out of the snow covered mountains until you have had the opportunity to educate yourself about these risks and where to get information to assist you in making that assessment. AST1 is a good place to start but reading and taking less formal training will also assist you. It’s fun out there, but it can be deadly!

’High’ risk means stay away but the lesser ‘considerable’ risk is often the more dangerous as it tempts people who often end up taking very significant risks.