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Just wondering if people are aware of Currie Rose Resources upcoming drilling and mining plans around Rossland?

Just wondering if everyone is aware of Currie Rose Resources upcoming drilling and mining plans.

Take a a look through Currie Rose latest project update and their tenament holdings.  Drilling commences in 2019.

Could this be effect our biking and hiking trails?




We’re a one season town that 100% depends on Lead. A little drilling ain’t going harm us or our ways anymore than having Lead in the air and water. No biggie. Might even provide some real jobs with liveable wages. 

100% depending on zinc actually 

Back to our mining roots! Gold built this town 

Let's hope they find something

one Of the few things that will prevent forest fires. Strip mining 

In all seriousness tho, hopefully the company doing any mining in our area does it in an eco friendly way, with little no no damage to our mountians and trails! And works with the community, instead of against it 

Let’s hope so. The Mines Act is quite permissive when it comes to exploration. 

I know a bit about this so I'll wade in. Mineral exploration is governed by more than the Mines Act.  The Forest Act, Forest and Range Practices Act, Land Act, Wildlife Act, Water Sustainability Act and Regulations (exempt for permits but regulated) , Mineral Tenure Act, Mining Right of Way Act, Hazardous Waste Regulation,  Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations, Drinking Water Protection Act, Environment and Land Use Act and Wildfire Regulations all apply. A lot of the regulations are captured in the Health, Safety and Reclamation Code (specifically section 9).  There are few federal ones as well - Fisheries Act, Species at Risk....and, for this area, there are also multiple (>5) First Nations that review any application for mineral exploration to ensure the plans respect their rights and are in concordance with their values. 

There is a whole performance surety process which includes site-specific, third-party cost calculations and requirement to have the bond posted pre-disturbance.

Not exactly permissive.... at least not anymore (the "olden days" are another matter entirely. 




Sorry you have had to do some paperwork, mictango, small price to pay for carte blanch to destroy our planet.  If you think these companies pay anything but lip service to environmental concerns you are deluding yourself.  Rosslanders you most definitely have a reason to be concerned.


That link is overdramatic and irrelevant to what’s currently happening in Rossland.  As for the regulatory maze that needs to be navigared, it is largely self regulated. Bureaucrats today tend to be little more than paper pushers with little to no boots on the ground.  Hopefully the recent Provincial ammendments to the professional reliance model will make an ethical difference.  Regardless, Rossland is filled with smart people who care and they will be watching.