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Looking To Start An Old Fashion Sing-Along Singing Group.



We are looking to start an old fashion -sing-along- group in Rossland.  We need two or three women and  two men as a lead group to lead the singing audience. We will also require a piano player, a bass guitar (stand up or electric) and acoustic guitar. Being able to read sheet music would be helpful but: not necessarily required for an experienced musician. It would be a major plus to have someone on-board who understands vocal harmony.  No age requirements as long as you like to sing and are not hung up on rock & roll or the far out modern music.  Seniors especially invited.

The songs would include the old fashion sing-along songs, some non-denominational, old fashion hymns & so on.  Initial start up & practice sessions would be at the Rossland seniors hall. (we have an electtic piano at the hall)  A first gathering will be when we get enough people interested

Call Les or Violet Anderson if you are interested. 250-362-5532 or 250-231-4573.  You can also E-mail us. (pay no attention to the dates posted, there is no option for an open date)

We have six and possible seven who are interested and a well experienced guitar player reading and willing to join us.  It would be great to have a piano player who can play by ear.

The first practice will likely start this Friday afternoon or evening; possibly the week end.  It depends who and when the singers can get together to get things started.

Thank you folks; the first hurdle has been cleared.