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Here's an idea about Styrofoam

So we all love Ferraro's and having our meat prepared in store but why all the syrofoam and plastic?  Would it not be possible to use butcher paper to have our meat wrapped in and drastically cut down on the amount of waster genrerated?  I guess then we wouldn't beb able to physically see the meat we're buying but I think it's a small price to pay to cut down on waste.  Please, let's do our best and ask to have our meat packaged in paper.

I inquired in the past, was told they were looking into an alternative option for polystyrene. Thought a butcher style would be a simple solution. Seems they're physically set up to do it. Maybe if we all ask/inquire enough they'll consider it. Good movement. Would also like to see thinner produce / bulk bags and or more people reconsidering using them for 2 pieces of produce. 

What u r looking for, really, is ...Star Groceries!

a small shop, not a supermarket, where they still wrap meat in paper, after they cut it in front of you, same with the cheese and cold cuts and vegetables.


Butcher paper can be composted, but not recycled.  I would LOVE to see curbside green bin composting like they have in Grand Forks and Christina Lake.