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Stolen Beer

To whomever stole my beer from beside my dogs in front of Ferraro's shame on you; you have failed the test!

You are most likely not a Rosslander.

If you were desperate enough for beer to become a dirty thief you need to redeem your karma by paying it forward and leave a six-pack there when you can for someone else.


When you are that desperate that you must steal a six pack... that’s really low.

Do all of us a favour and leave town.

Sorry but there’s no place for you here...

Brutal move ... hopefully you stepped in some highly controversial Rossland Dog poo with both feet while you scurry your way our of town.. loser. 


Good guard dog you got. If you don't to lose your beer don't leave it on the side walk. Would you leave a 20$ on the ground and expect it to be there when you got back. 

I dunno, this sounds quite irresponsible to me. I hope that it wasn't some underage kids that got their hands on this. 

As someone who was underaged for 19 years, it was most likely underage kids.