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Did You Get My UPS Delivery By Mistake On Friday Nov 8th?

UPS had a package out for delivery yesterday for me in Rossland.  They now have marked it as delivered and 'left on front porch'.  Problem is, it's not on my front porch.  I was actually outside when the delivery confirmation text came in, so I don't think it was delivered then stolen.  The address has been confirmed with UPS.  UPS wont do anything to find it, only the shipping company can.  The shipper has offered to send a new item, but I'd thought I'd check here before going forward with that.  Someone in town has it I think.  

I'll come and pick it up.


I would check with the post office, it may have actually been delivered there. I have found those delivery messages are incorrect sometimes and, also, have had no card left in my P.O. box but when I have asked at the counter there was actually a package for me, it's really annoying.

Check at Seven Summits – that's where UPS does drop-offs and pick-ups, and is where packages are usually held for collection.

Found!  Was delivered a few doors away.  Thanks for the tips.