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The definitive guide to being cool in Rossland

I’m a relatively new Rosslander so I thought I’d share my observations on what makes people ‘cool’ in Rossland. Additional observations are welcome in the comments section. Let’s help visitors and new Rosslanders know what to expect!

- Wear a toque indoors in the fall and winter despite central heating. 

- Wear thick plaid shirts.

- A very obvious one - be an avid sports lover and boast (low-key) about how ‘extreme’ your abilities are.

- Line up outside Hooper’s bakery salivating as if it’s the only bakery in town (it kind of is?). Enthusiastically attempt to buy everything on display whilst smiling cheekily at other desperate customers.

- Rave about those heavy whole grain muffins at Alpine Grind.

- Chat enthusiastically with baristas, especially the short-term job baristas stoked to be in town for (insert name of sport).

- Be vegan/vegetarian and/or have at least one food intolerance (usually gluten or lactose).

- Meet at least 5 people you know while shopping at Ferraro for gluten-free oats, lactose-free milk and kombucha for optimal gut health.

- Be into alternative health and medicine, yoga, holistic awareness, wellbeing, mindfulness, etc

- Buy loads of microgreens from the farmer’s market.

- Pick almost every huckleberry you come across and talk about huckleberries. 

- Recyle religiously and demonstrate your passion for caring for the environment. 

- Stumble on dog poop all over the place. Some will complain, some will think it’s okay and natural fertilizer. 

- Have at least 2 kids.

- Probably don’t talk enough about the tentacles of Teck and how it sponsors pretty much everything in Rossland and Trail. Springfield! Nah, I get that it supports the local economy and has improved its environmental record...

And post regularly on bhubble,  under an alias handle...



- Own a puffer jacket and wear it everyday as an outer layer. 

Come to Kareokee at The Legion on Sat.....#youarecoolnow