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Favourite hockey stick taken from outside our front door.

My beloved hockey stick of 20 years, was taken from outside our front door in the last 2 days in lower Rossland.  It would be the right size for a person about 5'6".  Just medium quality, bought to play intramural hockey at UBC, then smokettes and now road hockey with my kids.  It would be so great if it could be returned (and now I have learned my lesson not to leave it outside!).   Thank you:).   

Quite sad that in our quiet little town of Rossland you can*t leave something like a hockey stick outside.  

I have three (left) older sticks that are just sitting around. Let me know if you want one. May be a be a bit long but easy to cut down.

Thanks Mitch, that is so kind!  I am right handed so I will keep waiting for the mischief maker to return mine - or look at the thrift!  L