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Potential Starbucks coming to town?

Just wondering if people have heard a rumour of plans to put a Starbucks in Ferraro's Rossland Store? I'm not sure how accurate the rumour is.....but in the spirit of keeping the Rossland feels and supporting our amazing locally owned and run coffee shops, do we want/need a US corporation serving our coffee and treats here? 
I get we need consumer choice and competition is healthy. Throwing this out there for a healthy discussion. 

Old news 

Trigirl703 dont mind the crappy attitude from SteveFrench. Thats bhubble unfortunately. Starbucks...It’s been talked about in another thread on here so you’ll find what you need there. I don’t believe anything has been confirmed. 

Thanks bcmtndog and sportz .....I ignored the first comment by sfrench. After I posted my comment I saw the other thread, so am now following it.