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Community Not Commodity

Whaaaat??? Is it true Ferraros is thinking about putting in a Starbucks at their Rossland store? I can fully appreciate Ferraros support for community groups through the food card sales program. And I love the quality groceries that are available in our little town. 

But if this is true it seems like an incredible misread on our community- a unique town that supports small businesses and offers residents and visitors an alternative to the box store/chain store, fast food, franchise, cookie cutter consumer obsessed culture. In addition to being the purveyors of bad coffee and cardboard pastries, Starbucks is the Poster Child for a corporate mindset that is the exact opposite of what makes Rossland unique in today's world.

This move would certainly have a negative impact on all the small, locally owned bakeries and coffee shops (who I'm sure buy a LOT of their supplies from Ferraros). Why doesn't Ferraros work with one of them to put in a coffee kiosk? Maybe I've fallen prey to an elaborate rumour/hoax here, but IF this is true it is a sad day for Rossland. And an incredibly short sighted, misguided move on Ferraros part.

Our household buys 100% of our groceries at Ferraros and has for the last 10 plus years, even when I know I could be buying bulk foods and staples for less at one of the stores in Trail. I've always felt good about that, knowing I'm supporting a local business. If this Starbucks thing is true that calculus will have changed and so will my spending decisions. We vote with our wallets and our feet....


Well, I wholeheartedly agree with you but, as the Mayor said this past January, "'s the price we pay for the privilege of living in paradise" (i this instance referring to the city's tax burden on homeowners).

I wonder how Joni Mitchell would write this into a song...

Unfortunately your rant is old and this conversation has been already done to death.  These rumours started months ago( September or October)'re a little late to the game. 

Hah! Found the thread from a month or so back (thx Charity).