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Reduction in road clearing this year KBRD

 Are you witnessing delays in snowplowing and  lack of asanding on the roads in the Kootenay Boundary district this winter in the areas serviced by YRB, and especially the lesser roads outside the Rossland City limits.   I have, despite the fact there has been less snow. I have witnessed two accidents and IMHO the conditions have become actually dangerous!  Please contact YRB @ 250-693-5609  and or the Ministry of Transport @ 250-364-0742 to register your complaints if you are concerned about the poor road service from YRB this winter. Unfortunately,it seems we need to be squeaky wheels to maintain service.

    I concur the snow removal has been, well, pathetic to say the least. That said, the agression and lack of respect from drivers is compounding the problem. The tailgating and illegal passing on roads in poor condition to begin with is beyond belief and there is absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior.

    To the person in the red Dodge truck with a sled deck this evening that tailgated me up the Trail hill and then passed the road grader over a double yellow I would like to ask you why exposing downhill traffic and the rest of us to serious harm was worth being in town 30 seconds before the rest of us?

    Please take care out there folks, we're all in the same boat. Tip of the hat to the men and women in the trucks and graders doing the best they can, thanks for your efforts.

Agree, last winter was similar. The issue really lies with the Ministry Area Managers. These folks need to be on the roads not in an office and writting the contractor up for non compliance. Then the Ministry has to back them up with heafty penalties. This is not happening. We are in the beginning of a new contract. I think they went with 10 years this time (not sure). The contractor will cut corners in the early years of the contract then clean their act up in the latter years so they look ok going into the next round of bidding. Big insentives for managers to save money rather than have safety as the priority. Of coarse they will deniy this. Problem is with the Ministry managment of the contract. That's the only solution.