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Plastic Recycling Facility Fundraiser and Social

Are you concerned about plastic waste and what happens to our plastic once we send it to recycling. A group of Rossland residents are working on plans to build a community based plastics recycling facility in Rossland. Come out and support us on Feb 22 for a fundraiser and social. To get more information and tickets see the Events Calendar. 

Sounds like a fantastic idea !  Locally recycled plastic is definitely the way to go.
Will it also create jobs?

Yes the plan is to hire students at first and then eventually some part time to full time jobs. Also right now all the money from recycled plastic goes outside the community and we want to change that so the cylcle from waste to product you buy is totally contained within the community

Is there somewhere to find out more info about this project.  Hard to imagine   Is this place a recycle for empty beer bottles?   Thanks