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Respirator Masks For Donation to Trail Hospital

We have gone through our PPE supply and found respirator masks available for donation to the Trail hospital to support our front line of healthcare workers.

Please check your personal and business PPE supply's and if possible make donations to the Trail hospital.   There is concern within our community right now and for good reason, but the heavy lifting in the coming weeks and months will be done by our local healthcare professionals. Many will rely on their dedication and resolve; lets make sure that we support them.


Thank you ISL. Cheers now and beers at RBC when things get back to normal.

The masks shown above are not suitable for health care workers, and if you go to the CDC website and other point-of-origin sources you'll see that non-certified masks may actually increase your own chance of becoming infected by instilling a false sense of security. 

Lots of great thinking and initiative out there for trying to help, but be certain you aren't creating more confusion. 


The Kootenay Emergency Response Physicians Association put a call out for N95 masks of any type. The mask shown is for painting and not surgical use. The 'N95' designation means that when subjected to careful testing, the respirator blocks at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 micron) test particles.

Why don't we leave it up to KERPA to decide whats suitable? Maybe it can be used by other emergency personel that may not have any protection what so ever?

I have a box of 20 of these in my shop. I'm going to donate it.



Dear Community,

As we stand on the edge of what is next to come… our thoughts are with everyone in our Communities.

One of KERPA’s very important goals, is SUPPORTING EMERGENCY SERVICES. At this time there is an overwhelming and unprecedented public health emergency for our nation and the world. This will see a test for our frontline emergency service staff that we have not seen before. Our Emergency Services and Health Care workers are going to be increasingly hard pressed to manage the demands, as we have seen in many other countries.

The availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our emergency services and health care workers is finite. We are all aware of the national if not the world-wide shortages.

KERPA wants to reach out to DENTISTS, CONTRACTORS, BUILDING SUPPLIERS and our COMMUNITY to donate surplus N95 masks / Surgical Masks for the use and dispersal to our frontline emergency workers where needed to protect those saving lives. We’d ask that the donors put their name on the boxes and any unused supplies would be returned. We want to access any inventories set aside for a ‘rainy day’ – now is our rainy day!

"These are historic times in which we need to do everything we can to support Canadians and mobilize all our efforts in smart ways." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

PLEASE HELP… and consider reposting this on your Facebook page or other Social media platforms.

If you can help KERPA to support our frontline emergency workers e-mail us at and we will ensure that these supplies get to those people saving lives

Thank you for your time and you support,

The Board of Directors of KERPA

Our Goal – “Saving Lives, Helping critically ill and injured patients and supporting the Emergency Services.”

KERPA is a Canadian Registered Charity
BN 769710328 RR001

Just curious folks- are you doing 2 dif collections- one for Dr. Nic & one for KBRH?




Wow thank you for reaching out and trying to gather masks for KBRH - we are looking at no protection in a very short time and any donations would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you Rossland!

Provincial Health Services Association (PHSA) has asked that anyone with PPE supplies to donate email  to let them know what, where, how much, etc. 



Would it be at all useful to sew some masks? Obviously they are not N95 or anything like that but if we completely run out, it could be better than nothing? I've got a sewing machine and fabric scraps.

Those masks may not be useful in a hospital setting but they may well have a real value in this pandemic: