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Black Jack is for skiing

Hi everyone: It's great to be able to get out during the pandemic, so a reminder that Black Jack trails are still being groomed and open for skiers. When the snow cat goes out, that service costs $600/five hours, which comes out of membership and trail fees. So.....walking on the trails, and walking with your dog on the trails is not appreciated.

One person's footprints roughed up much of the Gibbards classic track today, negating all that expense and ruining the ski for everyone. And Rover trotting along beside on the skate path is not welcomed either.

Finally, day visitors: while the kiosk is closed, we still appreciate your trail fees in the mailbox at the trailhead, and in the dropbox at Biathlon.

Happy skiing.


 Thanks Blackjack . You are doing an incredible job and making it possible to enjoy a bit of nature  and fresh air each day during these trying days. The 7 pm cheers are for your groomers too.

Thank you so much. Very nice to hear.

Gibbards is a public right away, just sayin

That should say right of way

Hmmm. Don't want this to escalate, but none of the groomed trails at Black Jack is open to foot traffic, fat bikes or snowshoes, ever. There is a dog loop for skiers to run their hounds around.

To use trails right now, you need to be either a member or have paid trail fees, but in either case, you need to have skis on your feet. We're grooming until April 15th by snow cat (again at great expense) and then by snowmobile and ginzu for as long as possible following.

Keep track of what's going on:

Washing my hands.

The trails are fantastic!  Thanks for all that grooming.  Skiers, PLEASE REMEMBER that pandemic rules apply there too.  Please be considerate and keep your 2 m distance when passing other skiers, so that we can all stay healthy and keep skiing!!  Thank you.

Thanks for commenting! I was wondering. Will head out there for a ski today :)


Thanks to all the groomers it has been fantastic skiing.


I would like to remind everyone when skiing in the classic tracks to keep right. This allows ample room for those skating to pass by. On more then one occasion I have been skating and encountering skiers opposite direction one on each side in the classic tracks heading toward me leaving me little room to pass through the center. For same direction passing it is the same as driving a vehicle, when clear with no oncoming traffic and good site lines feel free to swing out and pass.




Thanks again I feel so lucky to have Black Jack in my life!!!