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Sorry Victoria/Nevada neighbours

Hello neighbours in lower Rossland.

My 5 year old black lab has suddenly decided that she likes to take off!  

I just want to say sorry if she got into anyone's garbage/yard this morning (she took off around 8 and we couldn't find her until just before 10am.)

She is not allowed to roam but she has become very sneaky.

If you had any issues this morning, please text me and we will come and clean up (if you've already cleaned up, we owe you at bare minimum an apology and likely beer or something.)

Again sorry and we're getting at tracker so we can at least find her quickly.


Good on you for your honesty and apology. Didn't have any trouble but your pup ran around the Barbershop on Washington St before 10. If you were curious where her adventures took her. 










Wow! GPS colllar here we come....