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Onion recall

Curious if anyone knows if Ferraros was supplied by Thompson International with onions...? 

Dont know for sure if ferraros is selling them but can confirm without doubt they were in this area

Here's a Ferraro's, the people who bring outstanding grocery to our wee town day in and day out. This is their business so probably better intel

Aren't you just a peach!

Lett uce be reasonable about this.

If we don't take carrot could get out of hand.

I'm olive for calling Ferraros.

Could someone please turnip the air conditioner. It's too hot. I can't sleep. 

My kind of salad

Let's have a round of apple ause for all these posters.  Grape-ful for this humour on bhubble...

Sounds raisinable to me.


This is eggsellent!!

This thread may be a little corny  ~ but you all are a•maize•ing!!♡☆♡

I agree, this is grape. I beeter join in on this while I can.

What a pear fectly great thread.  I'm enjoying it berry much!

Ya'll are kaleing me over here hahahaha

What a fantasticly raddichiolous post.

I take it this is a strictly vegan crowd....but I still have to say, you guys are milk-ing it for all its worth :) 

Y'all butter be careful or else this thread might turn fishious ;)

So far it's bean pretty good; let's Romaine calm.

In case anyones afraid of Vampires, always keep a steak nearby. 

Lettuce acknowledge this order.  It beets getting I'll.

I relish all this effort

Perhaps someone should contact the Guiness Book people to acknowledge this sprouted collection of corn-y responses before it spud-ders out......