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Questions about VIOLIN LAKE

I have a few questions about Violin Lake. When I was a child I remember family members saying they had hiked to Violin Lake and recently my interest in this hike was sparked again. After doing a quick google search I found that the area is now off limits and is city (private) property. I was really interested in taking a hike out there (no fire, no camping, just a hike and snap a few photos) but now I'm not sure what the repercussions of that would be. Does anyone know if this is still a banned activity? Also, why would there be bans on going to the middle of the forest? It seems very strange to me that the government would ban hiking activities near a lake in the middle of nowhere. Thanks in advance.

I heard it was the source of drinking water for the city of Trail.

I think it is all explained here.


  • The Cambridge Reservoir and Violin Lake are not considered to be fishable waters. Cambridge Reservoir and Violin Lake may contain Eastern brook trout that were stocked from 1911 to 1934. The Eastern brook trout are non-native and aggressive. Previous fishery surveys conducted identify that both water bodies do not contain other species of fish."

    Ha-ha, what a joke! Better not go swimming or those aggressive trout might nibble your toes! Are those the same non-fishable aggressive fish that are subject to catch limits and regulation in many waters in B.C.?