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Do you shop at Ferraros?

Our main fundraising activity could do with a boost!  
It's never been so easy to convert your grocery shopping at Ferraro Foods into benefits for students at Seven Summits Centre for Learning!   Buying them on a gift card bought through the centre helps fund a wide range of educational experiences throughout the year, from special activities and trips to our annual turkey dinner.
  • No extra Costs involved!  You buy $500 and you get $500 - Ferraro Foods kicks in the 5% we now receive. You can also keep your credit card rewards too,
  • Choose from $50, $100 , $150, $200 and $250 gift cards to share among family members!
  • So many ways to pay!
                - cash or credit card on gift card collection
                - one off e transfer payments
                - set up monthly auto transfer payments (Best way for us!)
                - leave post dated cheques for your regular monthly spend at the learning centre