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It's your $3,000,000.00

The Mid Town Mixed Used Development Project issues had fadded to the background clouded by all the other news and challanges for society that occupy my mind. I'm an old guy and I'll probably be dead when the issues start to arrise with this building. Then I read the statement from Council in the last issue of Council Matters in the Rossland Telegraph. I try to be as kind as possible regarding Council. They stood up to give back to the community and I believe they are good folks doing the best they can. That statement from Council flys in the face of this and really demonstrated a lack of respect for the citizens of Rossland.

I don't support this project. It's simple for me. You cannont combine the two structrues (city hall and housing) without suffering significant negative consequences. Certainly there are other mixed use structures that work however in our situation the housing structure sits overhead of the city hall structure. Any time you have a water pipe burst, an issue with the sewer system, a fire event, in the housing structure it has the potential to affect operations of the city. If you disrupt operations of the city hall, the hub of city operations you affect delivery of services. This costs you and I money. If you seperate the structures these issues simply disappear. This project is fundamentally a bad idea for the Rossland taxpayers. This is unnecessary. You can have a city hall and a housing project and not have to deal with these costs. If I have a water pipe burst in my house the consequences should not cost the entire community.

The relationship is in the honeymoon stage. Honeymoons are great! I could sure use one right now. We know however issues come up. Often if a pipe busts upstairs with significant damage below the guy downstairs sues the insurance company to get adequate compensation. Not uncommon and some would suggest the business way to negotiate these issues. Rossland legal services sueing the housing society insurance company. All Rossland taxpayers footing the bill.

Council has stated the bennifit of tax revenues but tax revenues are used to deliver services. 37 units and 70+ people require water, produce sewage, use the roads etc. Those taxes do nothing for you and I.

Council stated in the Telegraph that they don't believe you and I are intellegent enough to participate in a decision on this project. It's your $3,000,000.00 and it should be the communities risk tolerance not the risk tolerance of an emotionally invested project team. It's also not their money. They have made it perfectly clear that they have the power to spend it and intend to do so without going to the community for mandate. It's quite ironic since the only way they have this power is due to a large cash surplus, again our money that they chose not to spend on delivery of services.

It appears they value this housing project more than delivery of services to Rossland taxpayers.

Make some noise Rossland NO MT MUD


So the project is a bad idea because a water pipe "might" break.... The minority argument against this development appears to be grasping at straws.

minority? the petition for referendum got like 300 signatures? 20% of the town

rr's general point is very valid. For the sake of adding to rr's insight, I live behind an affordable housing appt complex and three words: alcoholic shit show



well...It was closer to 11% of the town, which, similar to 20%, is a minority 

well a <10% turnout grass-roots petition seems much more representative of the voting populations' opinion than the alternative you're presenting

Strong against points:

  • current/past city halls and their considerations
  • lower cost options
  • opportunity costs
  • constructability at site
  • liabilities, general
  • unforseen logistical, maintenance,and operational costs
  • unforseen city hall employee/visitor and bldg resident interactions
  • lack of "zero-impact" building commitment
  • lack of innovation
  • lack of "stakeholder profit creation plan" or similar
  • [questions/rumours surrounding funding]
  • implications for future development
  • lack of long-term solution (And prefereably a solution that doesn't involve an art teacher creating the greatest welfare state the world has ever seen and paying for it with 100-year-old pine trees and crisp glacial water)

[and I want to add for the TV listeners: basically JT's idea for a perfect world is about as useful as when his dad sold out our entire country in the 1980s]

While this article discusses federal policies and spending it an be scaled to Rossland with ease.

We have a radical left wing council. I'm reluctant to use the term radical left wing as we have heard this coming from the US by Trump. I don't mean radical in the sense that they will do or encourage things that are violent or illegal but there are not many communities with plastic bans, 30km speed limits, aggressive direction to staff re achieving carbon neutral and proposing a housing project that tax payers will continue to subsidize for the life of the building. These are radical left wing approaches that achieve little but cause dissension in the community and taxpayers foot the bill.



I think "leftists" and "alt-right extmists" are cut from the same cloth and there is much to be said about both groups. Personally, I'm sick of r****rds voting away my right to think, my right to be an animal, and my right to modify my body all the while getting lectured about equality by nobles wearing suits made by children in banglasdesh while pawn shop democracy is implemented upon every country on this planet seemingly sealing the fate of the free and natural world and all of humanity for that matter while inside our own country companmies are being bought up by the states and other interests, all who are/have mass facial recognition camera systems in place among other things, as I wake up everyday thinking about how many nukes are in the hands of idiots and that parking lot earth is probably just around the corner. 30km/h is a fine limit, 100 years ago we were on horses who cares, maybe if the streets in rossland were wider we could but since we need 7 different sidewalks and lanes on the side of every street... well.. and who really cares anyways, thought is already criminalized in canada , floating heaps of plastic garbage are unasesthtic and plastic bits are killing plankton, the bottom of the food chain, rrrtktktktktktktktk, and carbon neutral is a fucking joke if you ever hear it from anyone that doesnt talk about sweat shops five seconds later, PSA bitches

[didnt mean that ina rude way just having fun :)] peace to all, no one is condmened but the people directly accountable for attempts at things like privatizing water, creating facial rec. systems, and criminalizing thought. its a moral corruption pyramid/ladder and I think most all of us are truly good and wholesome at heart and that we don't purp[osefully support things that are wrong. we all know things are wrong we just gotta organize and fix it :) hating others wont do it. regulating abortion wont do it and regulating what people can say won't either

NotRude have you considered maybe a demotivational lecture tour? Sort of like an inverse Tony Robbins.

Afterwards everyone can go home and realize that maybe their lives aren't so bad after all?

Maybe we wouldnt need social housing if rent wasnt that high... how many persons had a rent increased of over 10 times the legal limit...  having a roof over your head in winter is kinda essential in Canada.
thoses houses will allow landlord to rip off tourists and will allow minimum wages worker to live a good life... seems like an extremist centrist position to me

Wow. This didn't get off topic at all.

Topic is pretty simple - NO MT MUD

The risk to taxpayers has not been discussed. Council either does not understand these risks, possibly due to an incomplete risk assessment or they clearly understand the risks and have chosen not to share them with the community. Council is taking the role of the developer only discussing operational pros and cons and promoting this project without any critical thought process. The role of Council should be to watch out for and make decisions in the best interest of the current community of Rossland.

Rossland taxpayers will subsidize this housing project for the life of the building. The cost of this is completely unknown. It's a crap shoot, may not be much may be huge but there will be cost and it is unnecessary.