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Does Rossland need a housing project?


When looking at the information associated with the Mid Town Mixed Use Development Project the need for housing is mostly defined by growth projections. It makes me wonder if perhaps the message Council heard as a need for affordable housing was in fact a request to make current housing in Rossland more affordable. Certainly the tax increases and the current spending proposals do nothing to make things more affordable for Rossland residents.


Yes we need a City Hall but expect most would prefer a Subaru City Hall not a Mercedes City Hall. I’m not sure what they propose to build as the cost is clouded by the housing project and the site challenges.


I question if we have a need for more housing than will be built by the private sector and suggest that perhaps the residents of Rossland would prefer a slow structured growth model and methods to make current housing more affordable rather than encourage untethered growth.  Our situation in Rossland I believe is unique in the sense that we do not have the housing shortage many other communities face.  I applaud the work done by the housing society I just question if the situation in Rossland dictates the need for a housing project.


I have lived in a number of communities that share the ski culture. They all are difficult to find housing especially in the fall. That has always been part of the game of life in a ski industry dependant community. It’s not necessarily bad.  Perhaps we should think of housing like a growth manager. Consider the traffic manager systems currently used to slow you down on First at Washington. These narrow corridors are intended to make it difficult for you and I to get through the intersection which slows us down and ‘calms’ traffic. I hate it but it works.


Consider housing as a ‘growth calmer’. If a community considered there was value in managing growth so other services could cope and plan for growth you don’t have many tools to accomplish this. Do you want Rossland to turn into a typical resort town or have a slow structured growth model that supports the lifestyle we strive to maintain? 


They say its going to cost at least 3 millon. Depending whats in the ground.                                                 Yes it gets very clouded when they mix in. Colombia basin LTD in the mix. And its just going to be 10 people to work in the 3-4 million dollar construcion. I mean its not even a building.                                    Its just one floor. The old bank of Montreal building was for sale for 1.3 million and that one is much nicer looking. And it has 3 big floors. So 3 million for one floor is just crazy. It must be toilets made of solid gold or something.                                                                                                                                  Renting places have been harder lately in Rossland. Because the city hall can give out 88 Air B and Bs licenses.                                                                                                                                                        And having a so called trust competing on the privat apprtment market I dont think is fair.  To the other appartment owners.        

I also find it intersting that they a pressing ahead with this. In the last 2 years, Projects by private develpers are going idle because of lack on need.  Eg. In lower Pinewood, hard fighting to delay by residents, but not Kathy, has been idle for 2 years and I see the one across from Pioneer Park, the sign has totally been removed. I like your Idea of the bank building.

No! rossland needs a dog park instead and lawn bowling area for seniors!!!!

No! rossland needs a dog park instead and lawn bowling area for seniors!!!!

Maybe a bike wash and washrooms for the mountain bike capital of canada!!

The naysayers to this project have so little empathy for their fellow man they could care less that the BC housing project will help single moms,disabked,homeless,addicts,seniors living in poverty,homeless seniors etc. That's what the real issue is this town has 300 hardcore Facists that try Thier best to make tourists feel unwelcome and gawd forbid your like me and think u are moving here to help yourself overcome your PTSD issues. Hate focused bunch zero suprise if belong to the Q Cult or some other Facists group. Really really make it clear how much they can't stand Inclusive or kind action within our Community. The other 90% thanks for encouraging people like myself to keep our heads up and to share and be kind. That's what makes a community great not hate. Rossland is a much greater and much kinder community than the Facists and Privelaged want us all to believe. Time as a society we just tune the Q nuts out?Make hate uncool again? Such a foolish Clique that some have fallen into. Prayers for them and no matter what? I still hold out hope that one day they like the majority of society realize there's no true happiness in being Obsessed with Facists views. 

Affordable housing please! 

And pet friendly as well! :)

I heard through the grapevine (unconfirmed) that upwards of 10 Red Mountain seasonal employees quit in the last few weeks due to a lack of housing.


Just some food for thought on the situation at hand :)

I'm really fed up with this kind of crap. There can't be a discussion if one point of view calls the other 'fascist'. Who do you think you are to denigrate and insult your fellow citizens just because they have a different point of view on what is best for this town. 'Fascists'! More likely people who are trying to make a living and can't afford to see their taxes skyrocket. Either engage reasonably in the discussion or stay out of it.

Hey Mountain Mitch, well if you knew me you'd know I have really thick skin. Experience as a project lead on large complex projects has me familiar with being called names. I've also had the good fortune of working for a mentor that could always look for good information even from the folks that are calling you names. So what I see is an empahsis on the need for our community to show empathy to folks who are having difficulities with housing. Have to agree with this. Housing is a complex issue. Simple soloutions may not have the expected outcome.

This whole thing boils down to city hall not forcing the ski hill to build staff housing as was part of the origanal development permit. The hostle that was built with CBT money, should have been staff housing and the city should not grant anymore permits to the hill until they fix THEIR problem.

I agree Truman. I worked at a small hill up north called Powder King, they have a hostel/staff accomadation that was basically set up like a work camp with trailers with rooms and a shared kitchen. Was it fancy? No, but we didn't care because it was $300 a month and we were there to ride and spend as little money as possible. If Red can afford to build $700 a night cabins in paradise, they can afford to set up a shared accommodation somewhere for 15-20 staff. Do that and it would definitley ease the availability of rentals in the winter months.

This brings up something that has been a concern in my mind form the beginning. Who is going to rent these accomodations during the 8 months the Ski Hill is not in operation? I like what JImBob said about Powder King. That type of thing has been going on through history where full long term employment is not there.  Good post!!!