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car doors openned on Thompson Ave Wednesday Eve

Two different vehicles off Thompson Ave and two on Thompson ave had doors openned on Wednesday eve.   the ones off Thompson didn't have anything taken despite some loose change/cash and a blue tooth speaker being available.  one truck had reported very dirty driver's seat and the owner was wondering if it was a bear.

Anyone else see anything or hear any reports? 

If only there was some way to secure the car door to prevent people / bears from opening them..............

We had a bear in our car that night, off Thompson. Clearly a bear from the paw marks on door handle.

a pal in Paterson had his car completely trashed - written off - by a bear who got in and somehow got shut in. Very straaaannnnnge. Lock up and make sure there's no food inside. 

A huge very black bear was in 2 of our cars last night on Richie road. Opened the passenger doors and looked around leaving muddy foot prints everywhere. Thankfully no damage done. We saw him/her this mornlong after it rummaged through cars. He opened the doors easily with no damage. Smart bear. Will lock cars tonight for sure. 

Bearing interesting accounts all, thx for the responses. Glad it's not thieves. Maybe it's time to start thinking about ways to deter bears to not go into cars beyond obviously locking doors...