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Hello Dan Haines here I just wanted to let all my friends, pepole that may know me and for those who don't know me. Iwas going to run for the vacant council seat but have changed my mind. We are preparing to sell our house and move out of Rossland. We came to the conclusion that we could no longer live in a city that that caused us extreme finacial stress. Could no longer live in a city that is not truthfull or honest and especially one that has no conscience. Acity that misleads,fabricates,covers up, and definitely not transparent. A city that caters to some but not all the residents and certain areas get priority over over other areas. So enough said. I am asking all who were going to vote for me to now vote for Fletcher Quince. He is young, well educated and especially honest. He will represent all of the residents of Rossland fairly and not pick and chose based on status. He will treat all areas of Rossland equaly and not give special treatment to some areas. So please vote for Fletcher Quince we need someone who will be there for the pepole and not for their own interest......     VOTE FOR FLETCHER QUINCE

                                                                  Thank you Dan Haines

                                                                    PS please no trash talk

Dan, you accuse the good citizens and neighbors who are serving the city of being not truthful, having no conscience, not being transparent,  and calling them liars -  and you ask for no trash talk? Your entire post is trash talk. And if this is what you think of the current Council, I would say you are seeing through some bizarre, somewhat crazy filters that do not allow you to see the reality of what great governance we have, and how lucky we are to have it. This Mayor and Council have been outstanding, honest, open, and have really turned the City around for the best. That's why I am voting for Milty. Good luck in your new town.

Elliepellie, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Some people have different experiences and that's ok.  It's important to be respectful of everyones opinion and choice and not belittle or ridicule them for it. 

when is the election and how do we vote?

And are we getting a referrendum choice for the mixed use building planned for the encom lot?

Thanks :)

Well said Elliepellie. Thanks for having the courage to respond. 

Hi Dan, I'm sorry you felt like moving was your only course of change for the city of Rossland. I understand and respect your opinion. 

Ellie, there are a lot of people who don't feel the same as you.  Over 300 people sign the petition for a referendum the mayor still refuses to give Rossland. I believe those 300 people don't think of the mayor and council as 'good citizens and neighbours'. 

Jen, encouraging people within the community by applauding bad behaviour (ellie pellie's non acceptance of Dan's opinion) creates more divisions and discourse. Even if you agree with Ellie, sometimes it's better to not say anything Instead of encouraging a fight between sides.  

Omg charity, you have an opinion on everything.

take your own advice please.

Kcmountain, i Know I have opinions. Everyone has a right to one.  Nowhere did I say you can't. 



We're all humans and it is important that we all realize that there is much more that joins us than there is that divides us. We all have natural disabilities as humans. Every human ships with the same base operating system and we simply pick up thinking habits and beliefs along the way. Everyone has faults and each person is insignificant when compared to the whole of humanity. “Politics”, as defined by today’s modern society, exists on a spectrum I believe; on one side of the spectrum is offensive words and moon conspiracies and on the other side is the practice of logic and prediction. People can exist all along the spectrum at multiple points and this happens, complex and multi-leveled political stances, because, well, humans are complex creatures, but when the brainwashing and the life experiences are stripped away and a human’s political beliefs is reduced to the barebones, I argue that almost everyone's political beliefs slots are virtually the same because we are all have virtually identical needs & wants and I argue that it is simply life experience and genetics that differentiate our political views. Politics has become entirely warped in modern society and we need to come back to reality and remember why we have a government: to accomplish things together.  


The natural world and its lifestyle is being destroyed; carbon emissions have nothing to do with it, it's all in the name of injection-molded garbage and numbers on a computer screen; the core values of our system are the cause of not only many economic and social problems we face, but also the cause of certain negativities rampant among the general sense of happiness and fulfillment that consumers feel.


We are on track for humans to be trapped under a ruling class in some iteration of this globalized society; if our path continues, if we continue with the "status quo", there is a high-likelihood that humans will be reduced to engineered products and the natural world will be entirely destroyed. It is not fair or right for one group of humans to do this to all other current and future humans on Earth. Humans deserve choice and it is not right for inescapable societies to exist. We must falter the efforts of the maniacal humans that seek to turn all humans on Earth into wage slaves; these maniacs, best deinfed as the group: them, do not understand or do not care to understand the implications of what reducing humans to numbers on a computer screen will do and they do not understand the priceless value of the natural world (and its surrounding society and idealisms).


So all this wording is to say that the status quo cannot be sustained, and the main issue with the status quo is the values system (ownership, obedience, concentrated power, and paths of least resistance) and therefore the software needs to be re-written and plans need to be made so that human autonomy can be preserved. Worth noting is that at face-value, Rossland is arguably a utopia and we owe it to the men and women that created this infrastructure foundation to preserve and sustain it; large changes in thinking are required so that this preservation can be done. Since there is currently no plans for modern society, let alone eliminating mass economic efficiency, preserving the natural world, laser protection systems, navigating or creating the future world, or conserving human autonomy, electing people that are committed to making plans that ultimately protect humanity is something that anyone who wants to discuss politics should strive to do (though unfortunately vocal revolutionaries are few and far between). This society is everything it claims to hate: it’s phony, first and foremost, and it’s also completely out of control and disorganized. The alternative to voting for someone who recognizes the need for an engineered plan (and a change in thinking) is voting for a human-place-holder that is aiding and abetting the circular consumer cycle economy (that has already peaked and will undoubtedly one day implode [some details regarding its sighted implosion in following paragraphs]). Computer technology won't stop advancing because amazon, nestle, coca-cola and facebook are ordered to become smaller entities. There is a logical way for plans for modern society in Canada to be written so that profiteering and world diplomacy is preserved while efficiency equality and safety is prioritized. The values system needs to be heavily revised for Canada’s engineered society plans to be properly created; fake money, the hyper focus upon CO2 emissions, and people’s feelings cannot get in the way of Canada’s path to great wealth and all this means right now is electing people to govt who will re-write the values system and begin creating plans for society. It can indeed be difficult for some to realize that this society needs a plan but there are many different indicators to study, most notable is that the current society doesn't have a plan whatsoever and we're playing with fire.


Life and society in Rossland is ~the peak of quality of life under the endless profit system; in fact, it almost definitely is, because the profit making devices themselves have peaked (oil stores, life on Earth, etc.). Endless profit cannot be sustained on planet Earth so therefore I argue that voting for the status quo is voting for the destruction of humanity. The alternative to electing political agitators is: the limitless profit system will continue on its current (actual) down-trend (since oil stores and all measures of life on Earth [less humans being born] are on a down-trend) and eventually the system will implode which will cause mass amounts of war that Canada will not be prepared for. Instead of perhaps being able to snipe war mongers with laser death rays and satellites or maybe welcome those that want our necessities for life into our sustainable cities, our current path will leave us with no plan or passive strategies to protect ourselves or divert attention away from us as a target and with all likelihood we'll get steam rolled by america. But that's only one part of the alternative to voting for a new path for our civilization (and only one predication for the future that isn’t being prepared for); the mass-amounts of war could propel a ruling class to the top that seeks to imprison the entire world under an inescapable globalized society by seizing robots, the necessities for life, and mass-surveillance systems. Simply put, quality of life has peaked and so it is time make plans for the next level or fade into obscurity.


To me, there is no sense talking about politics until everyone educates themselves about the reality of today's world. Cults of personality/populism, miscommunication, and fabricated classism are inherent to our current society, they are inescapable and it’s important to notice the effect these devices have upon political conversation. A massive component of the "value" in the world economy is founded upon scientific developments that should belong to everyone. Instead of a world that works for the common human, living organisms and the creators of life, like seeds, are being patented for personal profit while piles of bombs and guns are getting built every day. Most everyone's "reality" is being a consumer while the natural world, their human rights, and their option for a free existence are taken away and they wait for all the things they know are wrong with the world to build up and finally boil over. The "reality" of govt in Canada is best put as:: "the blind leading the blind".


So, cults of personality and fabricated classism are going to continue to cause disharmony among humans until logic or bombs are applied to the consumer-cycle society. Logic dictates a plan is needed. Cults of personality is the exact opposite of what I’m trying to promote but I do find Fletcher to be a very interesting person. Simply the fact that he holds views that oppose the general council position on certain hot topic issues is the best reason for him to be on the council; there’s many other reasons though, most of which are centric to him being decisive, concerned with all, and logical. The conditions for Rossland to become a corporatized ski city are there and this possibility becomes worse with every year of 2% economic growth and Fletcher could provide some good insight and help on this (whichever way we want to take it). It irked me that someone above in this chain used crediting the council with cleaning up the town as a point for not voting for Fletcher; it made me laugh in fact because there is a pretty clear story that the Bank of Montreal building tells (and it’s doubly ironic because someone on current Council owns a gas station, a bar, and a liquor store [compared of course to art galleries and other small-businesses]).






Guess that’s just “politics”.








Best Regards






-some typos

-amazon: trying to control every retail sale on the planet, nestle: trying to privatize/commodotize water, coca-cola: tried robbing swaths of people of their farms, facebook: trying to nefariously influence elections

EVERYONE that  I know is dissatisfied with how things in Rossland have progressed... But then again, I don't know anyone that hasn't lived here at least 20 years. 


can we see your Fletcher campaign poster again?

I hope they have somewhere as entertaining in Trail as Bhubble when I move down there.   



Does not looks nearly as entertaining as here.

Haha.  Thanks Jacek. Sure doesn't look as entertaining ;-) 

This rhetoric of they build anymore sidewalks or spruce Rossland up anymore to attract tourism dollars etc and I'm outta here... Just moved to Rossland? First off welcome and thank you fir choosing to bring and spend your hard earned savings on a home here in our/your beautiful community. Unfortunately and oddly (Ski towns are usually chill) Rossland has a very dark Clique bunch that are the minority but very vocal and very Facist in Nature. The rest of us? Were the Silent majority.We prefer to spend our days out in nature and We do converse with others who are kindhearted and not focused on hate and gossiping. Nit all are stuck in Pre 1960 mindsets here in fact most of us look forward to and want a diverse economic base that will benefit future generations by giving them options as far as Careers and talent growth goes.Diversity of any kind doesn't happen in a town or city that is closed mind and or Facist. Again, don't mind the current uproar and Hatefull types. Note where the are moving too? another Slice of heaven? Kaslo?Nakusp?Revelstoke?Canmore?Squamish? Nope!  which in itself?  highlights the Fact they totally missed the obvious reasons the majority of us live here we didn't move here to gossip or to whine. PS beautifull Sunny day ahead hope all you newcomers and the silent majority are able to enjoy it as much as I will be.

I believe you need a minimum of 10% of the popultion to request a referedum maybe they fell short on signatures???

not sure.


We need someone that represents the future of rossland, not the past. I don't want to vote for a "old boy's club member" because I am hoping for rossland to adapt and change to the future, not fight for what was once had...  Of course decades of experience CAN be a very powerful political tool, however it can also bring inflexibility & lack of foresight. We have seen from COVID 2020 how the world will never be the same again, and how the future is here. We need to adapt. Rossland will (and has) undergo many many changes.

Fletcher is very well spoken and educated, even though at times there may be too many ideas/thoughts. Regardless the net gain much outweighs the loss, and my vote if for Mr. Quince, as this is what I think as a vote for a more tranquil existence in Rossland.

Wow i cannot imagine why no one from council wants to engage on here any longer.  Y'all are so polite, respectful, and constructive. 

The Social Dilema is so spot on.  The echo chamber of online social media like Bhubble might feel good, but even a quick read of these posts proves the futility of "discussions" of any import on this platform.  

Dan writes a "rant" post insulting the people that VOLUNTEER their time on council (they aren't doing it for money and pays next to nothing) and nearly all of whom have jobs, families, and other commitments that make the time required for council an extremely diffuicult juggling act, and then on top of that are ridiculed, likended to some dark arts practicing, lying aristocrats whose sole goal in life is to transform Rossland into the land of milk honey for the 1%ers.  Then someone has the audacity to call it a worthwhile opinion?  It was so offside and rude i commend someone for calling it out.  Dan you should be embarassed, frankly, and as much as it might have been cathartic for you, what a waste of time. 

How many of you have actually spoken to anyone on council?  Do you get all of your information your social group and/or Facebook and Bhubble?  I think you would find that they are good people with whom you would find you have a lot in common.   They are not evil, deceiptful, or the vanguard of the 1%ers who are trying to enrich themselves on a council of a town with 3000 people.  Seriously.  Bhubble is not unlike any other "bubbles" of information we see south of the border. 

I would suggest staying off of this platform/facebook for local politics and actually going and talking to people, attending council sessions, and if you have a problem, don't wait for someone else to form your opinion for you.  Do your own research.  The false statements made on this feed alone (ie. council member owns all those businesses) are inaccurate, and many people forming opinions based on false information because it was written here.  How sad is that?

I am someone that has not had council vote the way i would want them to on many issues, including some very near and dear to me, yet do i go out and impugn their reputations because i disagree with them?  Hell no. 

Democracy is messy,but it doesn't have to be vile.  For Rossland, Bhubble, and to a lesser extent Rossland Talks, echochambers make it vile.  I'm not sure if it's possible to turn that around.  Using real names might help, but the "online disinhibition effect" seems to permeate most comment sections anyway. 

You would never, EVER talk to each other this way in person, and Dan....shameful post. 

^ What he said. ^   Amen Jeff W.

"Could no longer live in a city that is not truthfull or honest and especially one that has no conscience. Acity that misleads,fabricates,covers up, and definitely not transparent."

Dan, I think you're a few years late in your rant.  You pretty much just summed up the Granstrom years.  For those who weren't around or don't remember, here's a little taste:

Thanks Jeff W for speaking up.  Left unchecked, all these hostile posts and comments could give newcomers the wrong impressions.  And thank you to all of the hardworking current council members who volunteer their time.  And especially the current Mayor Kathy Moore who was instrumental in turning things around and promoting transparency.

Jeff W./ Elliepellie/ ATHowse 


In speaking to a matter that has been before the courts, perhaps you did not take the time to speak with staff, council, Mr. Haines, our recently departed councillor or any of the above in determining your position on a personal issue between Dan and the City?


Certainly this issue led to a disenfranchised member of the community, however, in a unique occurrence, this individual actually felt strongly enough about his experience to do the democratic thing and stand for a council seat. He has since decided otherwise, so while Dan’s language in posting a clarification for his friends and family may not agree with your individual sensibilities, I trust you appreciate and respect his democratic purpose.


So, while the rational value of explaining personal preferences to someone who does not know your identity is most definitely a ‘you’ problem, wishing an individual who supported their family here for three generation and 45 years “good luck in [their] new town” is more than a little audacious, and more than a lot offensive. In fact, it is shockingly reminiscent of Mayor Moore’s apologizing to the same individual for what she felt was ‘his being an embarrassment to the community’. 


Perceiving a community to be turned around for the best, how long should one need to live there before telling those before them to take a hike?  


Over the last 9 months I have been subject to a long list of commentary, but seriously, take a moment to define kindness, then hold it up to a standard of office. No doubt, what at the personal level may appear unkind, at another would simply be called accountability.


Dan, not sure if you saw this earlier post, but again, given our diverse backgrounds a sincere thank-you for your support and for taking the time to encourage people to get out and vote.





Great post, fascinating to reread the portion about the author and myself. Interestingly, 7 years ago the Telegraph didn’t seem to consider my questioning of a Mayor rude, or unkind. Certainly issues existed here during the ‘Granstrom’ years, but they related primarily to a delegation by-law and the actions of specific staff members not to a singular individual who had accepted the role of Mayor through acclimation, or a council comprised of representatives from the community doing the best they could.


The fact Greg and I became friends after this through our service with the Fire Department demonstrates the importance of shared experience to understanding the multi faceted nature of individuals.


Jeff W. - When you have a financial relationship to someone, and they vote on a topic that directly impacts you this is a conflict. When members of staff tell a Councillor they are welcome to vote without declaring their conflict, or seeking independent legal advice, this is bad governance. Being close enough friends to a City Planner and her husband that you are willing to shuttle with them during COVID is not a concern. When that same individual makes recommendation against the OCP, Bylaws, and public interests in an effort to influence council’s decision on a matter that directly concern you, that is. Maybe we should just pay out the last administrative staff from the Granstrom years to finally solve these types of problems.



ElliePellie - Believing in Direct Democracy as I do, when you speak of Great Governance and how lucky we are to have it, I am confronted by the example of council’s handling of the Petition for Referendum surrounding EMUD. While we might differ in our opinions as to the rights of the citizenry to participate in this decision, hopefully we agree that if a councillor’s wife heads the local office of the engineering company that has the geotechnical and civil services contracts on the project that they should recuse themselves from a decision about whether others should be given the right to vote? Or that consideration be given to the councillors participation in conversations surrounding the rezoning of the property given his relationship to the environmental engineer? I like Dave, and one of the reasons I believe Stew is a good fit for council is because of Elise. Facts uncomfortably at odds for me with a notion of transparent governance.



For clarity, the petition for a referendum was rejected by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The same Minister responsible for financing the EMUD project. Since a referendum would not be binding anyway, in exercising its right to deny the holding of a referendum the City ultimately said the outcome of the referendum would not change its position, making the holding of a referendum meaningless under BC law. That said, the current election offers an opportunity to address the issue through the democratic process.



There are several people who post here regularly that appear to me to have no concept of civil debate. They do, in fact, post trash talk and then when someone disagrees with it, defend their right to their opinion. 

Okay, well my opinion is that the way the Anti-Present Mayor and/or Council Brigade have presented their side has undercut any respect I might have developed for them and made it increasingly hard to take anything they say seriously. If your objections to policy and procedure are so valid, you could have made them without making personal remarks (and some outright attacks) on your fellow citizens....because those people in City Hall are also citizens. 

Like most political structures, I don't agree with everything that our present City Hall reps do but I have always found them responsive to questions when those questions are asked in a reasonable manner. 

I don't want the council hamstrung by a council member who appears to be a difficult person to get along with - unless you agree with his point of view. 

I'm voting for Terry Miller. I've had some dealings with Terry over the years and, again, have found him to be respectful, well-informed, open to listening and able to work with others. 




Appreciating you have had positive dealings with Terry, have formulated an opinion based on this and chosen to support him in his council run I have no intention of convincing you otherwise here. That said I would like to clarify my relationship to this Anti-Kathy, Anti-Council sentiment you highlight above as it is not a sentiment I share. 


Although, I do respectfully disagree that now is the time to invest the communities reserves in the EMUD project and that due diligence was done and informed public consent was achieved prior to rezoning the property for this purpose. I also believe the building itself is at odds with our communities maximum 3 storey bylaw, the expressed interests of residents and that it is workforce, not affordable housing with outdoor parking that will result in significant hassle, cost, and environmental impacts over the life of the project. In addition to ongoing issues with neighbours. 



I also disagree with tax breaks for developers at the Mountain, increasing taxes during a pandemic, and short term rentals being forced upon neighbourhoods people live in and that do not want increased tourists and traffic in them. 


If I appear Anti-Kathy it is because you should have a brake when you start going downhill; I am not some theoretic concept that is trying to remove her from existence. One vote for a referendum wasn’t going to make it happen. Meaningful dialogue amongst equals might have. I certainly would have avoided the current state of affairs.


Kathy and I have met, bumped elbows, and apologized for what has been said by both parties publicly so I believe we can work just fine together on the same side of the table. If you have another version of our relationship that you would care to share, a source would be most appreciated so I can address any misunderstanding before it results in any more rumours. 


Also, if members of council, or the general public believe I have an anti-Council bias or some personal agenda or issue with any member of it you have not taken the time to get to know me, my background or my family. I am hardly some obstructionist that will derail the smooth operation of a Council over some petty detail, but I will act to hold individuals in public office and the staff that work for them to account. Elected or not.


In the interests of clarity, I was also contacted out of the blue this summer by the CEO of ThoughtExchange. Seems someone reputable had told him I had accused his company of ‘potentially illegal behaviour’. As a former tenant of mine, and having many friends working for the company I responded I had not. While two meeting were set with this individual neither was attended by them and I have never heard anything else about it. I'll put this question to the group, 'what have you heard?'


That said, ThoughtExchange did conduct a survey during the 2018 election that I participated in. The top ranked concerns were cost of Emergency Services and effects of Tourism. Affordable housing was somewhere in there, but so were a lot of other issues. It has since become the most salient topic, and still lacks support. 


So two Questions may shed some light on how I got off the same track as Council.


  1. Public consent for rezoning the lands for EMUD from industrial to Mixed use development on Feb. 3, 2020 required a public hearing. The requirements for informed consent include a requirement that available and pertinent information be available to the public prior to this time. On what date were the Transportation study and Environmental and Geotechnical engineering reports released to the public? (Hint it is the last part of the link Columbia posted under the senior housing discussion).   
  2. We have an amazing group of dedicated volunteers in this region who contribute their energy to Emergency Response. A) How much does the Regional Fire Service cost Rossland? and B) How long is it reasonable to expect rapidly inflating costs be borne by the Regional District prior to them being downloaded to the municipalities? (



VOTE TODAY: Miners Union Hall 8 - 8 

I just voted. Go vote > Vote > Voting is good. Vote. 


What did i say about false information?  Here you go Bhubble. Fletchers world view at play.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.  Yet, as i said earlier, this is not the place i am going to litigate anything, especailly when you are pushing an agenda of constantly trying to create this fiction about yourself, and i'm not going to play into your hands. 

The fact that you lack the courage or conviction  to speak to me in person about any of this speaks volumes of your character.  I walk past you all the time, and this is where you make statements like this?  Wow.  Yeah you are council material for sure.

Dan made accussations with 0 context about people that are performing their civic duty, and i think that sacrifice should be acknowledged, and that these people deserve some modicum of respect.  For your part, Fletcher,  you have fomented this anti-city staff behaviour in town that - as witnessed by Dan's statement - has thrown civil discourse out the window.

I  cannot help but wonder why you think you could work together with anyone if this is how you behave? What on earth makes you a mature adult that anyone should consider for council?  You seem more like a hand grenade.....

VOTE people vote.


VOTE      VOTE        VOTE       

Hear, Hear! Jeff W

Thanks for the reminder Fletcher, I just voted for Milty!

I just voted for Terry Miller.

It was a simple process. I parked the car, slipped on my mask and voted for Milty. A big thank you to the staff / volunteers (I'm not sure which, please excuse me) who processed me this evening; I'm sure they'd rather be doing something else the sitting in the Miners Hall on a dark evening.

My grandmother had an expression which is apt in this situation. She used to say 'An empty vessel makes the most noise'. That is Fletcher in a NUTshell.

Milty posted his CV on Bhubble, answered question politely and considerately. Fletcher then proceeded to trash talk Milty. I've never met Fletcher, but based solely on this forum I'll never go into his parents house on Columbia Ave and buy a painting hanging on the wall. Which is a shame because I like art, and the artists who made the art will suffer the loss in sales. Maybe I'm naive but I was always taught that character defines a person. Fletcher you need to grow up, it is time to put away childish things and become a man.

Name calling, making up alternative facts etc. is what children do, oh and former US Presidents.

nice one sided opinions mossy bro. the boomer bias is heavy here, trying to protect the old boys' club. suprised to see some of you can even log onto this website, probs the same people complaining about how rossland is changing. Jeff W obviously you are the one pushing an agenda hahaha, such keyboard warrior skills. Are you the online moral police? Shame on you for shaming! so awesome you can stand up for what is right!! using your real name, the real courage!!  "online disinhibition effect" damn that is one way to say anonymity $PLTR. 

My fiirst thought was, "I have had worse things said about me by better usernames" but then I checked, and realized that was also Mossy. 

Lao Tzu would say "We turn clay to make a vessel, but it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel depends...therefore just as we take advantage of what is, we should recognize the usefulness of what is not."

Personally I am not convinced an empty vessel makes any noise, however, I am curious what your grandmother would suggest you do with one?

I had a nice chat with Jeff and Dirk this morning. Even said hi to Terry and Almeda. Certainly helped put some useful feedback in my reflective vessel.

Mossy, now that you've gotten the voting out of your system come by the gallery and say hi. You don't have to introduce yourself, but my rare bhubble appearances around election time make a lot more sense in context.

I am posting on behalf of my husband, as he has not received approval to be a member with Bhubble yet, and wants to speak before he leaves town before the election day on Saturday.  He did an early vote yesterday.  An NO, Fletcher, I did NOT vote for him, nor did I write this post, so please keep youur 'snarkalicous' comments about me to yourself, as you end up looking even more sophomoric.

I want to say thank you Terry for all of your dignified responses to Mr. Quince’s questions.

It has become a sad day in Rossland when a candidate resorts to insulting the other candidate and his family as well as posting a rather cryptic insult at constituent.  (my wife)

Rather than merely speaking of his own platform, Mr. Quince fails to rein in his continuous mis-truths and thinly veiled insults at Terry Miller as well as Mayor Moore and the current Council.

These are the people he expects to work with.  That is not the way to cultivate a working relationship.

What is really outlandish is that these actions are a parallel to what we have been witnessing in horror to the country immediately south of us.

I always thought Rossland has far more dignity than to stoop to such levels and never in all of my years as a resident have I witnessed such poor behaviour and rhetoric.

Mr. Miller, you have my vote.

Mr. Quince, you are an embarrasment.

Denis Bjegovich

Fletcher, I implore you, stop dragging my family into your vortex.  On your earlier go-round against my reputation, I asked that you leave my family out of it. But you not only ignored that, you added my daughter's name to your next reply! 

I kept quiet, hoping the light might come on for you. But you have done it again, for a third time. 

Let me spell this out for you: Do NOT name any member of my family in your posts. Please. They don't need or want to be anywhere close to you or this.

And I'm not the only member of my household who asked you this directly.  

One more time: Fletcher, it is NOT okay to name or refer to any member of my family in any way shape or form. No innuendo, no inference. Nada. Don't hit the send button. Just don't.  

milty I am going to call your drama. You are completely overreacting to Fletcher mentioning your family in his posts. He wasn't rude at all. Seems like you are afraid he might beat you, so you are playing this up to make people feel sorry for you.

Fletcher you have my vote. 

Lisa, are you sure Denis is not upset about you whistling at me while I was painting the bank topless? Or the flirty fruit throwing from your balcony while I walked by in the alley?

My thoughts exactly bikeskiswim and thank-you kindly for your support


Milty, in 6 years our relationship has gone from a road trip to Royal Roads and you taking me to see your daughter’s drama performance at UVIC, to the above, because I mentioned I said hi to you and your wife on a trail.


Appreciating you are not being privately appointed to a board, but are running for public office, I believe the kindest way of letting you both know you need to adjust your expectations of being able to dictate what someone may or may not say to you, about you, or in reference of you, is just to say it. 


Remembering the looks on peoples’ faces when I returned to the trail after 5 minutes of your wife scolding me at high volume the last time I apologize made me hesitant to initiate a conversation yesterday. Seems we missed the opportunity for a private conversation that could have diffused some of this tension; though you seemed content to march by, with a curt “Fletcher Quince” like you were upset by an election rap video.


And all this over what? The Espresso Bar/ Bookshop comment? A single verifiable fact would have carried the day there. Instead you acted like after 35 years saying it inside your own echo chamber, you were indignant to learn someone found your claim unbelievable, and just shy of insulting Italians. After graduate school in Toronto I believed the idea nowhere else in Canada existed was theirs. Great bookshops in old buildings though. Some even sell coffee. 


Which leaves our one and only real interaction. The Innovative Education Task Force. After 6 years you appear still unable to have a conversation with someone who disagreed with your idea of the way things should go. Or was not impressed by the results. Instead of addressing the issue, however, and without contesting the facts you somehow maintain this holier than thou attitude in relation to a question raised by someone new to the community and just looking to engage. 


And all this in an election that had no debates, forums, or even questions from the Telegraph. Speak up man, what was said that was such an attack on your reputation, or so devastatingly offensive to you family? 


Appreciably, at this point my concern is not whether you win, but whether you are going to be able to work as a constructive member of the OCP advisory committee if you lose.


Milty, with just shy of 59 hours left of campaigning to go I’ll leave bhubble to you. I’ve spent enough time getting Trolled by your supporters.



Send? Send? Send? …..Ahh, Save.

Vote for people who are kind, caring and respectful to others in the community. Everything else through determination can be learnt. Tomorrow is the day. Vote Rossland. Go! GO! go! 

Wow, this is a dark room.  I'm going to rummage around in here to find a light switch!


Thanks for coming to my rescue, Terry, though I didn't really need it.  I can take care of myself.  If I was going to get lost in a forest, I'd definitely want to get lost with you.  You do have a fierce love for all that is good in the world. 

I had befriended Fletcher in the early days of his arrival to town, showing him generosity and kindness with his initiatives.  I'm a little ashamed that I engaged in his rhetoric.  Fletcher's FINAL post was nothing but revealing of how stupid I am for thinking he had something interesting to offer. Since this seems to be the place where people bitchslap people for sport, I don't think I'm out of turn. 

I really, really, really hope people get out and vote tomorrow.  It will give me a better idea of the kind of town I live in because I'm pretty confident that this forum doesn't represent all that I love about this place, and all the good people that contribute to a civilized society.

Does this make me a troll...? oh, there's the light switch.  I'm out of here.  Wait...I can't find the send button.  

Sometimes the smarter ones are the quieter ones.

We need to vote for someone who can keep the costs down. We have lots of Pensioners who have lived here for years and put in tons of time volunteering or donating to make this is a better community. They are now retired and many of their pensions are less that minimum wage or for that matter, less than CERB was.

Fletcher, your last post to Terry Miller is exactly what I was talking about. You've done the same thing in the past with Kathy Moore and other people on council. 

It's this tendency to tell tales about what happened out on the trail, or when you were painting, or when someone was seen in the company of someone else, or who said what to whom. It's all hearsay and sketchy. I don't know enough about you or any of the people involved to gauge whether it's accurate or to understand what you are implying so, ulitmately, it's a waste of my time.

As a person who takes politics pretty seriously, I am sick to death of candidates talking about other candidates. It's the grimy old way of doing politics and muddies the water for the voters. I think it shows a lack of convication about what you have to offer, as though you have to garner more support for your position by undermining the reputation of others. And, as a voter, I find it kind of insulting.

Talk about your stance on issues, what your vision for the future of Rossland is. That's what (for me) earns respect and serious consideration. It's not that you never do that - I have read over your objections to the proposing building on the old EMCON lot and am still considering those points...but then you start making it personal and lose your credibility with me. 

You have your supporters so there is no particular reason for you to pay any attention to this. I'm just trying to clarify what it looks like from here. 

Thankfully this nonsense is all over, rossland has spoken and we can all get back to arguing about the regular stuff!