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Buying LOCAL would be appreciated - just a suggestion - so if you can buy or eat it here, please do!

I woke up today to see my other post asking folks to buy local went on a bit of a tangent.  My apologies.  It was not meant to be controversial!  I'm just reposting this as a statement, not a discussion topic. 

I was not expecting anyone to post comments, "yay" or "nay", i was just imploring LOCALS to think about their local businesses - who provide services and jobs for our community, often at great financial risk to themselves - and that they could use YOUR SUPPORTNOW MORE THAN EVER. 

Please do not extrapolate anything else from that statement. 

Most people use Amazon in addition to other means of purchasing good.  All i wanted to say was that if you can buy it here, please do, because this is a tough year for everyone, especially small businesses.



Support local! :)

I like this! I would take it a step further. When you need a service of some sort or an item, do a quick local google search for it, you might be surprised at how many services and items are offered only online through a local home business or workshop. Also, when I can, I like to purchase items that are made in Canada and owned by a Canadian company. Support your local businesses and if you can't find it locally, and when you can, buy Canadian made and owned.

Thanks Darren! That's a great tip. 

When I'm looking for something specific I call around to local shops first.  Many will take payment over the phone so pick up is quick and safe.  Covid or not, I have very much appreciated this customer phone service.  It saves time and gas driving around looking for things.  The ones who answer the phone and check messages earn my business!