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Covid cases in Rossland?

are there active cases in Rossland? Was told by a reputable source there is.

You have a 'reputable' source but just to confirm your fears, you'd like to cross check with a really reputable source like, oh I don't know Bhubble?

Bhubble is the place to buy and sell stuff. Pandemic advice, not so much.

Assume it's here and behave accordingly.

Wouldn't doubt with all the tourists in town.
Wish Red would have followed whitewater's lead and closed ticket sales, opening to pass holders and locals only.

Source was a doctor.


Real doctor or naturopathic doctor?

Latest BC map (JAN 2ND) indicates 1 in the 'Trail area'



last time there was community spread of  COVID 19 in our community,

Bhubble was the only source of accurate information for our community. (IHA and CDCBC were mute)



Red Resorts should be praised, not hazed. 

if whitewater is best for you, follow your post.



Original poster; if you’re talking swag, best not to do it on Bhubble

SACC, if anything i am hazing the tourist who are choosing to travel when they arent supposed to be. If Red followed the other mountains (there are a few now) that R closing to would be good for our community and infection rate...but hey, if you wanna spread Covid, go to other mountains, I'm staying local.  the virus doesn't travel, people do.