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Shipping to Northport Hardware

I'm looking to buy a dehydrator online and was hoping to have it shipped to Northport Hardware, however the company does not ship to PO boxes.

Any advice on where else across the border I can have it shipped to instead?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


its not a PO box, you send to their address c/o your name.


I was under the impression you had to send it to:

Your name c/o Northport Hardware 
118 Center Ave 
Box 696 
Northport, WA 99157
United States

nope.....Northport Hardware

118 Center Ave Northport, WA 99157

Oh awesome! Thanks :)

call them (NPH) and ask. i have looked and see that PO BOX come up for the address as well.


I called Northport Hardware and apparently it is fine if the "PO Box 696" isn't included in the address. If the company doesn't ship to a po box then it is perfectly fine to leave that line out and the package should still arrive there! Great news!

fyi They close at noon on Saturday. I found out the hard way :(

More FYI's

a/ Reflecting the sad state of our loonie they are currently charging $4CDN or $3USD per package.

b/ They are closing at 3pm today and closed Thursday. Happy American Football Day!

And $80 is the customs "line" for charging or not charging duty. Pro tip!

Bear Country Kitchen sells the Nesco dehydrator and should have the best prices - but will price match if necessary.  Come check us out!


They also take Canadian at par for parcel pick-up, and always have.  :-)  You don't need the box number if items are shipped via UPS, but if it is something that DOES go to the post office and the Northport Hardware box number isn't on the parcel, the post office has been known to return to sender.


I was there to pick something I couldn't find here, and was told "$4 CAD next time, please"...just passing their message along.

FYI Northport Hardware closes at 4:00 pm on Friday December 22 and does not open again until after Christmas. 

I heard of people in town last year that showed up on Christmas Eve to find them closed - tragedy! (Ok maybe not tragedy but first world problem that would kind of suck)