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Remember Michael the missing summit dog from past winter?

HEART still has Michael in foster care and we just wanted to let everyone know how far he's come! This week he had 4 successful off-leash walks (because he sticks right with his doggy friends). When outside running around, he looks and acts like a completely normal dog;  lots of tail wagging and rolling on his back in the snow.

He feels safe in a house and doesn't cower in corners anymore, though he still doesn't choose to interact with people (even his fosters). He is, however, curious about where they are and will sometimes follow them around the home. If you've seen us on the trail, you probably saw him trying to get away from you with all his might, and some poor woman clinging for her life at the end of a leash... but we do try to expose him to strangers about once a week, even though it tends to go badly.

Since the community came together to find him when he was lost, and so many people ask about him still, thought I would post this update. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive in rehabing him - because we got him back and have been able to work with him, he is that much closer!


I am so happy to hear this! What an amazing update! 

:) :) thank you for sharing and loving this doggy!

I LOVE this boy!  I had him in my home in December 7th and he would hardly budge.  He had a visit, car ride AND walk with us last week and has come a long, long way.  Thanks to Ida and HEART for all they do for these broken, beautiful dogs.