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Trashed Art Work and Missing Pieces

I just saw this comment on the Gnarland Art Post, "Missing a piece of artwork. Blue and pink wood drawing with waves strung up between two trees. Also my mobile was trashed and missing a favorite crystal of mine."

This is appaling! After all the hard work our local artists put into this outdoor exhibition that anyone would steal and trash someones work. It is beyond generous that these artists put this work up for free so that the general public could enjoy a unique hiking along the KC trail and art expereince. 

I have been a practicing artist for over 15 years and am absolutely disgusted that in such a community oriented town that anyone would feel so self important as to take another persons artwork and destroy a part of this exhibiton.

If you thought this was a funny joke I think an apology is in order. If you took any artwork or piece of artwork you need to return it. 

Artists enrich our communities, from the colour of the paint you put on your wall to the unique pieces of self experssion, your life has been touched by an artist. 

Thanks to all of our local talent- you keep our community alive. Keep on keepin on!!

While I think this is a really cool idea...I don't think people should get upset if you leave art outside in the forest and it gets stolen or trashed.  This is a mountain not a closed exhibition.  It's open to the elements and animals.  Some people Could also consider this as littering....even though the intentions were pure and amazing....our forests, mountains and wildlife should be protected. 

Just out of curiosity, are all of the art installations biodegrade, animal friendly, and non-toxic?    

I think it is reasonable to not expect humans to destroy and steal artwork. Wild life is a different story of course.

I do not know the answer to the posed question. I can guess since most things we consume, including the most eco concious items are not fully non toxic that it may be a no. I could conundrum for the artitst to ponder for future exhibits for sure.