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Whats more likely to be found in Rossland..??

A) Bigfoot drinking a cold beer from the Holy Grail in the Centennial tunnel.

B) Cops catching speeders.

If you answered A, you're right.

Kirkup from Plewman to the highway is NOT a dragstrip. You must be looking for Thunder Mountain Raceway, just outside of Kelowna on 33. 

You're welcome. :)

I often wonder why people drive fast through Rossland, even if you're driving from one side of town to the other, going 15-20 km/h faster is going to save you all of 30 seconds.

I've noticed a total change over the years. People in such a hurry to get ??? Just like every morning going to work going down the Rossland hill, I'm constantly getting passed by drivers, who, get this, ride their brakes while passing, almost all the way to the sandpit. I seriously don't get it. I miss the good ol days.

I have been passed driving down Washington, by the school at 6:30 am by people in marked company vehicle. I know the contractors I will never use.

Dunderheads think they still live in Vancouver...ya wanna speed...Move somewhere else ...Idiots!