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If bears are being shot......

....nobody in this town should complain ever again.  I've seen these same people out picking many, many pounds of huckleberrys with no regard to this very important bear food source. This city is the most unbelievable mix of hypocrisy I have ever witnessed any where. 

Totally agree. Theres so much me me me, all about me, what can I get, I need more, it's literally sickening.

Poor bears have no chance. Was a horrible long Winter for them, wake up starving, get punished for being a bear, and too many humans just take take take. :(


I bet we will hear a lot of crickets on this. The same "bear aware" folk out picking hundreds and hundreds of pounds of important bear food's shameful. Pretty hard to get fat for the winter eating grass. 

I'm very sad for the bears today but enjoy your jam:(

I will be eating peanut butter on my toast..thank you very much and sleeping well knowing it.

The commercial harvest is what gets me! Unregulated rip-off of a wild resource.

How bout some more love Bhubble!

lol wat dah heck. internet warriors! Here's my 2 cents:

Harvest is conservation and is regulated with tags. It's a healthy way of life - espescially here where there is a lot of land. Also bear meat tastes great as long as you watch for trichinosis. 

The bears have plenty to eat, just more cals/smells coming from our dumpsters. Opportunistic feeders eat more than just berries in the wild.

What we REALLY need is a few big bearproof bins on everystreet, allowing everyone to simply walk there garbage/recycling over to those bins. Problem solved. Expensive though.

Lol, so we can't pick berries now because of the bears? Should I be leaving the raspberries on my bushes and all the nuts in my trees now? I think this one is a bit of a stretch guys, even for the bhubble. Have you ever seen somebody pick hundreds and hundreds of pounds of huckleberries? I haven't. I've picked huckleberries before. I would have no fingers left after a hundred pounds.


I really have a tough time believing that the amount of berries that are harvested around town is starving out the bears. These berries do grow elsewhere. Like everywhere else. All over the place. In many places that we dont even have access too. Even if we were picking hundreds and hundreds of pounds of huckleberries, that is a very, very, very ,very, very small amount compared to what is actually out there. 

Yeah, forget this local, naturally-growing food source! The most ethical choice is to buy GMO berries (ahem, or peanut butter) from No Frills that has been sprayed with pesticides, wrapped in plastic and then shipped thousands of miles to our grocery stores!! 

(p.s. In case you haven't been in the woods recently, huckleberries are going gangbusters this year, and, despite the massive hordes of people ravenously picking out there, are drying up on the plants because bears and humans combined are barely making a dent in the supply.)

Can't believe I've finally piped in on one of these silly Bhubble bear debates, but this one is just too ridiculous to let pass by...

I've had this conversation with folks before, since I'm a happy berry picker. I feel like anyone who picks Huckleberry knows that there are more bushes out there than all the people and wildlife could possibly eat. Right now, there are millions of berries rotting off the bushes... If people aren't picking them, they're just shriveling up, uneaten, unpropogated, unenjoyed.

Bears are absolutely not coming to town because the forest is out of berries. I promise you that.