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Leroi Stairs in Lower Rossland

Here is a post that I am just pasting from a Rossland Talks discussion page in case some Bhubble readers didn't see it: Should the Leroi stairs stay or should they go? Weigh in. The original project on Leroi involved replacing the ageing stairs down to lower Rossland at the bottom of Spokane. Price tag $100,000 (?!?!). Annual maintenance costs $2,000. Staff has suggested as a cost-saving measure that we could nix the stairs and upgrade the trail that is there now. There will be a new sidewalk up Leroi as an alternative. Trail would be boot-packed by users but not maintained. Upside: 100K saved plus operating cost. Downside: inconvenience for those east of Davis -- sidewalk is not as direct, and trail would not always be usable in the winter/spring. We're discussing this at Council on Monday. Any opinions?

Here are a few other points to consider: Right now the stairs are decommissioned while the work on LeRoi and Spokane is being done. They were slated for replacement in our 5 year infrastructure plan and the $100k is just a rough estimate, not an actual quote so don't get hung up on the price- let's say it might cost $50k-120K depending on the needs and it might be next year or it might not, again depending on the needs. 

The idea to remove them was suggested in part because the new sidewalk on Leroi is going to be really nice; wide, maintained all winter, good for pushing baby carriages etc. Maintaining the new sidewalk is estimated to cost $8.5k per year- plowed, sanded etc. Plus the thought is that upgrading the existing, informal trail would meet a lot of needs for part of the year too. While we want to encourage active living in Rossland- and get people walking, biking and out of their cars when they head to town, we also want to be responsible with precious taxpayer dollars. What do you think? Council would like to hear your opinions before our meeting on Monday night. All thoughtful and civil responses are welcome. 


I use them all the time and I feel they aren't needed at that cost.  new sidewalk.  Theres the trai below Ferraros.  upgraded trail.  Do we really need that many options so close together.  

Just some thoughts,

I use the existing steps probably 5-10 times a year and am happy with their location because they save me time and are/were the safest/quickest most conveinient option to get down to Thompson from Spokane. I don't know the exact positioning of the new sidewalk so can't comment on its suitability, though I am sure the City did it's homework.

My main concern is the possible precident removing the stair may set. I use the 1st Ave Earl St. stairs above City Hall at least once a day. These stairs are not constructed very well and will require a significant investment in the following years.

I would be very dissapointed if a similar argument for the removal of these stairs was made.



$100,000. seems like a lot for stairs. Check this story out and the subsequent cost.



Sorry, I tried to answer but my eyes are still bleeding from seeing that 50-120k price tag.

Thats a lotta cake.


I use these stairs daily and run into others who likely do too. The trail is closed throughout the snow season as they dump snow down the bank there, making it unsafe. Prior to the city putting the gigantic closed sign up I had tried to use it, but the fresh snow piles made it very difficult to walk on anyways. It would be a shame for those who use that as a primary access to mainstreet to loose that walking route. For about five to six months of the year you would have to detour around. It isn't far, but as Demitri points out, if it's part of your day to day it would become a big inconvenience. Trails are great! But they don't get shovelled/cleared/sanded etc during the long winter months and aren't great for year round use, especially if you're recovering from some kind of injury and are trying not to have a fall during the slippery winter months. I would like to see them stay. Rossland is already a tough place to walk, lets not make it tougher!

I would like to see the stairs stay.  I live in lower Rossland, and I see people walking up Spokane regularly.  I can forsee people creating their own "trail" straight down from Leroi.

I'd also like to see these stairs stay.  My family uses them daily to/from school during the school year, of which winter comprises a very high proportion.  We use them regularly during the summer too, although using the trail has been a nice option this year.  For us, the primary issue is slippery or deep snow conditions making for dangerous or difficult winter conditions for little legs.  From our location, the detour to use the new Davis sidewalk option is not ideal, and would probably be enough to prompt us to drive in the winter if the stairs were not present.  We see quite a few other kids/families using the stairs for school access as well.

On a different note, the ski bus did not come down to lower Rossland last winter, forcing us to walk up and down to the Prestige.  The stairs are by far the safest and most convenient route when carrying skis and boots. 

No stairs will likely result in more people from lower Rossland driving to/from the main street, school, and the ski hill, as well as other people’s homes in upper Rossland.

I also agree with Demitri’s point about removing these stairs setting a precedent for removal of other stairs also in need of repair/replacement.

Please keep them as so many kids are using them to walk to/from school! So much safer, especially in winter! Thanks!

Agreed with much in this thread - please keep the stairs! They are used and appreciated by many in lower Rossland.

Dimitri makes a really good point re: setting a precedent.

Even though I'll never use them, if they're needed they're needed, I just can't wrap my head around 100k for... stairs.

Will they have an anti slip grit made from crushed diamonds and gold??

Thats more than my condo's worth.

Things are getting so outta whack pricewise. :(

I think the stairs are a better option for the young school kids! The trail is often not passable ( & during heavy bear season somewhat iffy).

Lower Rosslanders here too- Also agree that the winter access up to town would be the biggest issue.  Having to walk a few extra blocks in the winter (when the snow is deep, the roads are smaller due to snow banks thus less safe to walk on, and it's cold!) to get to the new sidewalk will make a difference for people's timelines.  

Lower Rosslanders here too- Also agree that the winter access up to town would be the biggest issue.  Having to walk a few extra blocks in the winter (when the snow is deep, the roads are smaller due to snow banks thus less safe to walk on, and it's cold!) to get to the new sidewalk will make a difference for people's timelines.  

Please keep the LeRoi stairs!  I've used the stairs 1000s of times over the last 20 years. The stairs provide easy access to downtown for my family and many other people in lower Rossland without jumping in the car. We are still walking up town during the construction activities but it is less convenient carrying a load of groceries up the dusty, uneven trails, which are unusable in winter. West Trail has several sets of stairs and I've seen repairs to them over the years but never a total replacement. Is it possible to repair the existing stairs?

As someone new to Rossland, coming from Vancouver, I can honestly say that things like these stairs are about more than access in a town like this. They give the community personality and character. Staircases like these are examples of how communities in the Kootenays do things differently than urban centers elsewhere. Snow free covered staircases don't exist outside of the Kootenays. As silly as it sounds travelers and tourists, and dare I say locals, love that kind of thing and more than a few people have photos of staircases in Rossland. Saving  $2000 a year on maintenance is a drop in the bucket compared to losing that quaint, small town, resort identity. 
Thanks for listening. 

Our family uses the stairs all the time. It's preferred over either of the paths between city hall and Ferraros. They could be improved with solar lighting for safety on dark nights. 

Thanks for all this input folks.  At the Council meeting last night we decided not to decomission the stairs.  They will need to be replaced in a few years, and it won't be cheap.  We'll look for ways to save.  But for now they are staying put.