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Help for Seniors

My dear 84 year old friend is in need of help. She is fit in mind but needs help with shopping twice a month as she is no longer able to drive. She is a wonderfully kind and funny person who just needs a little help now and then. I've been able to help her so far but are going to be super busy in the fall and unable too. Are there any kind, helpful people out their willing to help out and drive her to Trail twice a month to buy groceries? Would suit a retired person who understands, has time and shops in Trail. She is willing to help with gas money etc , but doesn't have a lot, but you get to hang with an amazing , funny and kind person who has done so much for people in the past and just needs a little help now . Please call me , Megs 250 512 2274 if you are able to help . I look forward to hearing from you

Contact Les Anderson at 250-362-5532.  He is the President of the Rossland Seniors Assoc.

Contact Les or Violet Anderson at 250-362-5532.  They are on the executive board  of the Rossland Seniors Assoc and do take seniors shopping.

Awesome , thank you. I'll be in touch soon Les and Violet.