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City bylaw question

is there a city of rossland bylaw that says you have to maintain your fruit trees?   I'm ready to cut the unattended ones down with my chainsaw.  Lazimess is frustrating.   I'll cut them down for Free.  

Instead of cutting them down.  Let the community know where they are and we will come and pick them!

If you want a list of unmaintaned trees let me know.  Or drimove for two minutes around town and you will see apples everywhere.  Been like that for decades.  bye bye bear.  


For a couple of years running now the City has helped organize a fruit picking in September.  We have a map of all the trees on City property (but we should get your additions I think) and a team of volunteers fans out and covers what they can in a day. Don't always get them all - could always use more volunteers. Last year we did it in conjunciton with the Rossland Foodies operating a free cider press. Nice bonus. Haven't heard the plan for this year but will check and post here.

Are you talking also trees on private land?  Sort of a different discussion.

The apples are ready and on the ground now....a token Sept pick of a few city owned apple trees is too late as the bears are cruising back into town now as well.


Has the city concidered cutting down all fruit trees on city owned property?

Is the new by-law officer driving around and observing and fining property owners who are not picking up the fruit on the ground within the max 3 days allowed?


 Excerpt from Bylaw #2615

Other Wildlife Attractants

10: Owners or occupiers of real property shall ensure that fruit fallen from a tree or bush on such real property is removed from the ground of such real property at least every three days when fruit is on the ground of such real property.

Failure to remove fruit from ground       10        $200.00


Exactly my point.  So what's being done to enforce this?   

On the City owned trees:  There wasn't much token about the efforts over the last couple of years.  I spent a whole day at it and so did a whole bunch of other volunteers.  We stripped almost all of them.  Just saying - would be nice to have more people, and would be nice to be appreciated instead of slagged. 

I checked and they've scheduled the pick for October 7th this year, but you're right - that's too late - we're into accelerated fall.  BTW, the cider press will operate Sept 17 and Oct 8 - they'll publicize it.

On cuting them down - yeah, not a bad idea.  We considered it last year - can't remember why we didn't do it.  Will bring it up again.  (Would be great to just give stevefrench a green light)

On the trees on private land: yes, the new by-law officer will issue tickets (hopefully warnings first).  But he can't do it all - he's also dealing with dogs, garbage, parking, noise complaints etc.  If you see problem trees, call them in to the City so he knows where they are.

Also, if people have trees they can't pick but they want others come pick them, they can post it on Bhubble, and/or at the Rossland Harvest Rescue Facebook page:

Thanks Aaron.