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The bears are out. :)

Don't panic, don't phone the c/o, just let them be. Winter forecast says it'll be a long drawn out snowy Winter like last year. Let the bears eat and get as fat as they can.  :)

Well said!

A fat bear is a healthy bear and not agressive when given its space and safety.  

Unless of course the bears are coming into your house, then call the CO - its a responsibility to this community. Bears entering houses is a direct result of humans being irresponsible with their bear attractants in this town, and these bears are no longer 'safe bears'.

Please do your part to protect the bears by managing your attractants, but do your part to protect this community by calling the CO when a bear encounter happens.

Wasnt there a zoo opening up down the cascade?? 

Wasnt there a zoo opening up down the cascade??