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Tourism Rossland - 2017/2018 Rossland Ski Bus Service

After consultation with the local tourism industry, Tourism Rossland announced the funding model for the popular Rossland Ski Bus service for the upcoming 2017/2018 ski season. The model includes revenue through a tiered advertising program that provides exposure and marketing opportunities for local and regional businesses.

 As Andras Lukacs from Tourism Rossland explains, “we believe that selling advertising is the best way to deliver this essential service that connects downtown with the Red Mountain neighborhood. The new model will provide increased transparency and a better value for our partners.”

 Advertising will include display ads both inside and outside the bus and digital advertising through various channels. “We are currently finalizing the details of the program and advertising sales will start in October,” Lukacs continued.

 Additional funding for the Rossland Ski Bus is provided by the Resort Municipality Initiative and contribution from Tourism Rossland on behalf of accommodators participating in the Municipal and Regional District Tax Program.

The service for the 2017/2018 season will be administered and delivered by Kootenay Gateway and will run from December 9th, 2017 until April 2nd, 2018. The exact schedule, route and bus-stops will be determined and announced based on confirmed advertising sales in November.


Any update on This?!


Opening day is December 9 and we have the finalized schedule for the first few weeks of the season. Please note that the we currently have no agreement with BC Transit, therefore cannot guarantee that their service will be free the first few weeks. We hope to have an agreement in place before Christmas.

To view the current schedule, please visit the following link:

The website for the Ski Bus is online now - we are still fine-tuning it, but the schedule and updates will be available there are well.

For more information, please visit


not going to lower rossland this year?

not going to lower rossland this year?

I really missed the lower Rossland spot.  Please bring it back.

Better start donating some money if you want it to your front door.