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PSA - The Skatepark is NOT open - please stay out

Although it might look ready the skatepark is CLOSED. Please respect the fence line. It is an active construction site with many hazards. We’re also still letting the concrete set up and applying hardener to protect the finish. Opening the park is up to the city. We are working with them to see if we can get the park open this season. However, we’re short on both money and time so no guarantees but we’re trying. It’s only been 20 + years in the making... please have a little more patience and not ruin it for everyone that has worked so hard for so long to make this happen.



bhump. Cause this is still a thing:)

Hey just wndering if the skate park will open for the winter. Would be nice to get a bit of early season jibbing in before the hill opens. Please advise.